How can pension schemes asset allocation accommodate drawdown in retirement

How can pension schemes asset allocation accommodate drawdown in retirement

first_imgWhen the concept of in-scheme drawdown was introduced in 2015, nearly 60% of trust-based pension schemes said they would not offer the facility, according to the 2015 Pension flexibility survey published by Willis Towers Watson in January 2016.However, many schemes are reviewing their positions. A number of large organisations with big governance budgets are preparing to offer drawdown, either as an in-house facility or via a third party, says Brian Henderson, partner, defined contribution (DC) and financial wellness leader at consultancy Mercer.Drawdown is easiest to implement as part of a large master trust, many of which have put structures in place for participating employers, and via a group personal pension (GPP) provider, although the contractual nature of GPPs means the option cannot be implemented at group level.Asset mixOne challenge in arranging drawdown is the asset allocation of the underlying investments and how to transition scheme members from the accumulation phase. In-house drawdown will be based on a fund, unlike traditional drawdown plans that are based on a portfolio of primarily income-generating assets, and feed that income straight back into the portfolio for distribution to the policy holder.Advisers typically recommend a diversified retirement fund, which will be a multi-asset fund with low volatility, with perhaps 30-40% in bonds, but also with real prospects of growth to allow the fund to keep pace with future inflation. The allocation to growth assets also goes some way to protect against ‘negative pound cost averaging’, where taking an income from shrinking investments does disproportionate damage to a pension pot.Move away from lifestyle fundsCurrently, many employers are in the process of switching away from lifestyle funds, that systematically move members 100% into cash and gilts in the run-up to retirement, replacing it either by a single diversified multi-asset fund for all-comers, or a system of three funds targeted at the three basic options of cash withdrawal, annuity purchase and drawdown, in which case the drawdown thread will be a diversified multi-asset fund.Some paternalistic parties, therefore, believe that employees should be able to make a smooth transition into the post-retirement phase with minimal effort and without incurring trading costs.In-scheme drawdownWhether it is possible to design a default fund for in-scheme drawdown is, however, a moot point. The National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) hopes to offer a default retirement income account, alongside a cash lump sum fund and ‘later life’ annuity.However, once an employee makes a decision regarding what to do with their benefits, such as making a cash withdrawal, this should trigger a conversation about whether the composition of the underlying fund is appropriate to the individual’s needs, says Henderson. “Each member has to make an absolute decision about what to do with their benefits in post-retirement land, while in pre-retirement there is a common goal to build up a portfolio, so talk of defaults post-retirement is dangerous,” he explains.David Bird, head of proposition development, LifeSight, at Willis Towers Watson, adds: “Employers are considering drawdown because they see the attractions of investing through to retirement with the same assets, avoiding the costs of selling and repurchasing their fund at retirement. But the reality is that using the provider’s vehicle will be a lesser evil than an arrangement that has not been properly set up.”It is still very early days. Thomson Reuters blazed the trail by implementing in-scheme drawdown in October 2015 after calculating most members would accumulate funds of £100,000 to £500,000. One of the trustees’ first decisions was not to de-risk members in lifestyle funds, but to communicate with those employees most likely to choose drawdown. Having made some interim changes to default funds, they are currently reviewing those options, says Andrew Luck, UK pensions manager.Mark Pemberthy, director at JLT Employee Benefits, says: “There is also an issue with glide path length. Currently most lifestyle systems don’t even start de-risking until members are in their late 50s but under the new freedoms, people are accessing their funds from age 55. It’s a big disconnect that needs addressing.” Need to knowThe easiest way to offer in-scheme drawdown is to use a third party such as a provider or master trust.Diversified multi-asset funds are recommended for employees on a glidepath to drawdown. These are designed for low volatility, but with real prospects of growth to keep pace with future inflation.Once an active decision has been taken, then arguably that should trigger a review of the underlying fund to ensure it suits the individual’s circumstances.last_img read more

Voznesenka parents tell KPBSD Keep School Open

first_imgThe District leases school buildings in some Russian Old Believer communities on the southern Kenai Peninsula, including Voznesenka. Under the arrangement some schools in the Russian villages have never had the same amenities that schools in more populated areas get, like libraries, gymnasiums and more.Parent, Zina Reutov said she did not understand what the problem was.“What we don’t understand is why the Borough doesn’t want to pay for our water? I mean, we’re tax payers too,” said Reutov.District officials say KPBSD has agreed to lease Voznesenka School buildings for $1.05 per square foot or $112,000 per year. They’ve also agreed to add 2 percent a year to the lease. However, they’re stuck on the issue of who will pay for water.VCCI is asking for an additional $750 per month, or $9,000 per year, to pay for water at the school. They say that is the actual cost of the water through their local utility. The district argues that their offer already includes water.If the school is shut down, Reutov says there will be negative consequences for students.“If you shut down our schools, our students will…drop out. We’re not going to send our kids to any other KPBSD Schools or Connections. So please have the school stay open and figure a way to fix this. We’re not asking for much,” said Reutov.In March,  Assistant Superintendent, Dave Jones asked the Principal at Voznesenka School, Mike Wojciak, to talk with parents about what might happen if a lease agreement is not reached. A District spokesperson says he told families about other options for elementary, middle, and high school in the Homer area as well as the District’s Connections Home School program.Varvara Martishev  who substitute teaches at the school and has children attending there said she felt that Voznesenka was being treated unfairly by the District.“Just to shut down the school because of not agreeing to the water bill does not make sense to me. When there are schools with gyms, cafeteria, construction classes and a field for sports; which my kids never did have, and there are schools around that have less children and have all the goodies with their schools… I feel that we always get the short end of the stick. We want to work together with you guys to have a long-term, future plan for my kids and my grandkids to go to Voznesenka School to graduate,” said Martishev.If a lease agreement is not reached, officials say the issue may be an agenda item for the next Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board meeting on May 2nd. “We like our school and we want it to stay open for the sake of our students and culture. The students should not have to worry about this. It is unfair to the students, staff and community members. I understand that the lease is not settled due to the cost of water. If this is the case, then maybe the water should be brought down or the school board and Voznesenka council could work together on settling at a price that they are both comfortable with. Our school should not get closed just because of this water issue – that’s not fair,” said Polushkin.VCCI, is a non-profit that owns the school property and buildings. The Council and the District have been arguing about the terms of the lease, which expired last June, for more than a year. A handful of the parents of students who attend Voznesenka School testified before the Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board Monday evening. They said they did not want the district to shut the school down, which officials say they’re considering due to a stalled lease negotiation.Download AudioVoznesenka School. (Photo by Daysha Eaton, KBBI – Homer)Frosia Polushkin a substitute teacher at Voznesenka School and a parent, told the Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board that the controversy between the board and Vosnesenka Community Council Incorporated, or VCCI, was causing students to worry.last_img read more

Supreme Court Halts Execution Of Texas 7 Inmate Denied Buddhist Spiritual Adviser

Supreme Court Halts Execution Of Texas 7 Inmate Denied Buddhist Spiritual Adviser

first_img Share Carolyn Kaster/APThe U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday stayed the execution of a Buddhist inmate in Texas.The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the execution of a Buddhist inmate on death row because prison officials wouldn’t let his spiritual adviser be present in the execution chamber, even though they provide chaplains for inmates of some other faiths.This case is in contrast to a similar case last month, in which the high court permitted the execution of a Muslim inmate who couldn’t have his imam with him at the moment of death. The court provided no explanation for the different result.Legal scholars said the new decision sends a message that religious discrimination by government officials is never acceptable — and it might be a way for the court to deal with the criticism it faced after it let the Muslim inmate die.“As this Court has repeatedly held, governmental discrimination against religion — in particular, discrimination against religious persons, religious organizations, and religious speech — violates the Constitution,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in a concurring opinion. “The government may not discriminate against religion generally or against particular religious denominations.”Patrick Murphy was serving 50 years for aggravated sexual assault when, in 2000, he became part of the “Texas 7” — a group of seven inmates who broke out of a maximum security prison southeast of San Antonio. While on the lam, the men robbed a sporting goods store on Christmas Eve. Responding police officer Aubrey Hawkins was shot and killed. Murphy, acting as a lookout in the getaway vehicle, was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death.APThis undated photo provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice shows Patrick Murphy, a member of the “Texas 7.”While on death row, Murphy became an adherent of a practice known as Pure Land Buddhism. In a brief to Texas’ highest criminal court, his attorneys explained why Murphy wanted his Buddhist priest with him. “Murphy’s belief is that he needs to focus on the Buddha at the time of his death in order to be reborn in the Pure Land,” where he could “work towards enlightenment,” they wrote.Having his spiritual adviser next to him at the moment of execution — or another Buddhist priest acceptable to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice — “will permit him to maintain the required focus by reciting an appropriate chant,” his attorneys said.Murphy’s attorneys made the request one month before the execution was scheduled. The Texas prison rejected it. “We do not permit a non-TDCJ employee [to] be present in the execution chamber during the execution,” prison attorney Sharon Howell responded. She offered to let Murphy’s Buddhist adviser observe from the witness room. But for security reasons, only the official chaplain — a non-Buddhist — would be permitted in the chamber, she said.The execution was scheduled for Thursday evening. In a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court blocked it while his claim before the court went forward. Texas may not execute Murphy, the court wrote in its unsigned order, “unless the State permits Murphy’s Buddhist spiritual advisor or another Buddhist reverend of the State’s choosing to accompany Murphy in the execution chamber during the execution.” Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch dissented, meaning they would have let the execution proceed.“The relevant Texas policy allows a Christian or Muslim inmate to have a state-employed Christian or Muslim religious adviser present either in the execution room or in the concurring adjacent viewing room,” Kavanaugh wrote. Denying the same right to inmates of other religions constitutes “denominational discrimination,” he said.“This is good news, but we can’t forget this is the same court that denied a Muslim man the same right just last month,” the ACLU said in response to the court’s order. “The only real difference between Domineque Ray’s and Patrick Murphy’s requests to have clergy members of their own faiths at their executions is that Ray is a Muslim and Murphy is not. The Supreme Court’s divergent rulings once again suggest that Muslims are not treated equally.”The Ray case was a 5-4 decision along party lines. The court’s conservatives cited the “last-minute nature” of Ray’s request as the reason for letting the execution proceed; the four liberal justices called the decision “profoundly wrong.”The Ray decision was criticized by commentators across the political spectrum. Writing in the National Review, David French said the court “failed to respect” Ray’s constitutional protections “at the most crucial of moments.” Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick wrote that “for a court that cannot bear the thought of a religious baker forced to frost a cake in violation of his spiritual convictions to be wholly unaffected at the prospect of a man given last rites by a member of another faith borders on staggering.”Legal observers welcomed Thursday’s decision, even if they didn’t fully understand how the underlying facts differed from Ray. Appellate lawyer Raffi Melkonian noted that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit had rejected Murphy’s appeal because Murphy had waited even longer than Ray to challenge the prison’s decision. “I don’t follow at all how this is different than the needless denial of a stay a couple months ago,” he wrote on Twitter. “Anyway, good for scotus, but it’s confusing.”George Mason University law professor Ilya Somin said it was a “mystery” why Kavanaugh, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justice Samuel Alito chose to stay the execution this time. But it was likely, he said, that “the justices saw the extremely negative reaction against their decision in Ray, and belatedly realized they had made a mistake; and not just any mistake, but one that inflicted real damage on their and the Court’s reputations.”UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh told NPR that the backlash “from scholars whose views the Justices respect” might have led the conservative justices to conclude they made a mistake last month. “And of course Justices should be open to changing their minds when they are persuaded that they were likely mistaken,” he said.Somin said he was glad the court took a step toward “clearing up any confusion” on this issue. This case “sends a strong signal to lower courts about how such religious discrimination cases should be resolved,” he wrote. “Lower-court judges will surely recognize that the Supreme Court does not want them to uphold such policies.”Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Crypt of the NecroDancer is Switchs Grooviest Roguelike

first_imgStay on target Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on SwitchPlay These Nintendo Switch Games Before ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield&… If you have a Nintendo Switch, chances are you also have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Zelda is a massive, phenomenal game that you can and should play for dozens of hours. But eventually, you’re going to want to play something new on your Nintendo console/handheld hybrid. Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda is a new column highlighting cool, smaller Switch games to check out once you’ve saved Hyrule.If you thought my begrudging coverage of Nintendo Switch roguelikes ended in 2017, well I have some good and/or bad news for you. I think the reason I keep doing this to myself, other than my desire to play cool indie Switch games for free, is that despite my distaste for the core of the genre, some of the most creative and interesting concepts and mechanics in indie games and games in general are incidentally coming from roguelikes. It’s just too bad they lean on roguelike formulas instead of literally anything else.The latest example of this bittersweet trend is the Switch release of Crypt of the NecroDancer from Brace Yourself Games. Once again, your mileage will depend on your tolerance for the random punishing difficulty of roguelikes, but Crypt of the NecroDancer does deliver on the sheer potential of the most incredible pun name since Enter the Gungeon.AdChoices广告Playing as vengeful daughter Cadence (or eventually one of several other playable characters) up to two players enter the groovy tomb in search of their missing family. Naturally, the funk of forty thousand years means the dungeon is crawling with grisly ghouls to vanquish the deeper you descend. And again, since this is a roguelike, the encounters are tough, randomized, and send you back to the beginning with no saved progress every time you die. Business as usual. Even the sprite art, while charming, is pretty generic retro fantasy dungeon crawler pixelated fare with some extra disco lights and dancing animations.Of course, like the difference between a necromancer and the NecroDancer, this game’s big hook is that the whole experience revolves around music. Every journey is set to a thumping beat connected to your heart, and every action you and everything else takes must be synced to that beat. Even just moving left and right and up and down has to happen on rhythm or you’ll stop in your tracks and lose your valuable score/currency multiplier.Meanwhile, you have to consider timing when approaching a monster. Each attack pattern works like a dance move with its own choreography, so to safely attack a monster you basically have to outdance them with your own spontaneous improvised yet still rhythmic steps. It’s like a really fast turn-based strategy game that tells you how long each turn is.In both theory and practice, this makes Crypt of the NecroDancer feel super cool. Each run becomes its own mini rhythm game, perfect for portable play. Each successful battle becomes an awesome climactic solo. The semi-mindless flow state music games naturally induce turns the inherent repetition of roguelikes into a strength instead of a weakness, even if I would still prefer crafted levels to a complete blur.And crucially, the music itself holds up its part of the bargain. The gameplay needs require the tracks be consistent loops, not the arrhythmic nightmares of something like Thumper, but composer Danny Baranowsky’s work perfectly blends the dark dungeon crawler meets club funk aesthetic into the perfect pulsing soundtrack for getting you pumped.Too. Bad. It’s. A. Roguelike. It’s great how the music gets faster the further you go since that both raises the mechanical difficulty and makes the game feel more urgent. Too bad I have to keep restarting again and again or reach teleporters to new zones. It’s great how some currency is saved to buy power-ups that persist across runs. Too bad I never want to buy any other new tools and weapons because they are so ephemeral. It’s great how the game lets you turn off on-beat walking in menus to reduce tedium. Too bad I can’t reduce the far worse tedium baked into the chosen genre.Still, if you ever wanted to know what a musical dungeon crawler would play like, Crypt of the NecroDancer tells you and then some. Within its own self-imposed key, it sings.Buy it now!Buy Nintendo labo Variety Kit.Buy Nintendo Labo Robot Kit.Nintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Eli Manning should have Odell Beckhams back He did save his career

Eli Manning should have Odell Beckhams back He did save his career

first_imgNick Wright is in for Colin.He thinks that Eli Manning should have had Odell Beckham’s back in the postgame press conference last night back for his outbursts against the Vikings. OBJ did save his career after all.Nick continues his years long war with Colin over Andrew Luck. He doesn’t understand why he’s the only quarterback in the league that people jump in front of oncoming traffic to make excuses for. He’s the best quarterback down 17 late in the 4th quarter. The problem is he’s always down 17.It’s time for the Niners to think about starting Kaepernick over Blaine Gabbert. San Fran’s season is slipping away, and if he’s healthy, why not see if he’s got anything left in the tank.“The Niners are going to be out of it sooner than later, and Blaine Gabbert is not good. So don’t you owe it to your team to figure out, in Chip Kelly’s system, can Colin Kaepernick do some things?”Also, Nick sits in to pick spreads for Hunch or Lunch. See if he’s flyin’ or buyin’ lunch for the staff.Joel Klatt – FS1 College Football Analyst is in-studio to talk about Washington’s resurgence under Chris Peterson, top candidates for the big time program opening, why illegal plays aren’t flagged, and his Almost Maybe College Football Upset of the Week.Amy Trask – Former Raiders CEO and currrent CBS NFL analyst is in-studio to discuss her new book, You Negotiate Like a Girl, her experiences as a female executive in the NFL, why the NFL celebration rules are ridiculous, and what it was like to argue with Al Davis.Plaxico Burress – 12-year NFL veteran joins the show to discuss Odell Beckham’s meltdowns, why he thinks he needs to get his act together, and whether there are any personal attacks that are off limits during a game.Peter King – Founder and senior writer at the MMQB joins the show to discuss Trevor Siemian’s success, ho coaching helps young quarterbacks, his opinions on Andrew Luck’s place in the NFL hierarchy, and how he should be evaluated.last_img read more

This Innovative Cap Helps Chemotherapy Patients Keep More Hair

first_imgDecember 17, 2015 3 min read Back in the big-hair ’80s, my Auntie Mack had a thick, lush blonde bouffe. Then she got cancer. Chemo ruined her prized mane, leaving her bald and embarrassed. She chinned up, penciled on eyebrows and hid her scalp beneath a Harley Davidson bandana.If ma tante had endured chemotherapy now, she might’ve kept her Dolly Parton ‘do. With a DigniCap on her head before and after radiation treatments, her hair could’ve had a good chance of staying put.DigniCap is a silicon skull cap that’s helping chemotherapy patients retain more hair. The chin-strapped head covering cools the scalp 30 minutes before and 90 minutes after chemotherapy.Related: After Being Diagnosed With Cancer, This Entrepreneur Decided to Go Into Business With His DadThe computer-controlled cap curbs blood flow to hair follicles so that less of the harsh, cancer-fighting chemicals reach hair cells. With the metabolism of the cells significantly decelerated, they receive a smaller dose of chemotherapy. This helps many DigniCap wearers keep more of their hair, along with their dignity, say the device’s Swedish creators, Dignitana AB.Related: Students Create Heroes App To Connect Cancer Patients And Survivors“For many patients, the prospect of losing their hair is more than just a matter of vanity,” a statement on DigniCap’s website reads. “It’s an unwelcome reminder of their disease for the patient and their families — one that can negatively impact self-image, confidence and an overall sense of wellbeing.”Available outside of the U.S. for a couple of years now, the innovative cap was approved just this week by the FDA for use by breast cancer patients. The patented “cold cap,” which costs hospitals and treatment centers between $1,500 and $3,000 each, has proven effective in half a dozen clinical studies. Of 122 women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer who used it before and after chemotherapy, 70 percent retained more of their hair, UPI reports.As for my Auntie Mack (nicknamed Mack after Mack Trucks, I kid you not), she beat cancer and her golden locks eventually grew back. Now, with a hint of silver at the roots, her hair’s as big and bold as ever, just like her feisty biker mama spirit.Related: 6 Hot Healthcare Companies: From Smart Pill Bottles to Smart Diapers, What’s Driving Innovation in Medical Tech? This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience.center_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

Watch John Oliver Hilariously Break Down the Apple Encryption Case

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals “Think of the government as your dad. If he asks you to help him with his iPhone, be careful. Because if you do it once, you’re going to be doing it 14 times a day.”On the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver weighed in on the ongoing legal impasse between the Department of Justice and Apple about the tech giant’s refusal to build a backdoor to the encrypted iPhone that belonged to Syed Farouk, the deceased San Bernardino shooter.  Related: Justice Department Calls Apple’s Rhetoric ‘Corrosive’ in iPhone CaseOliver explains that the FBI wants “Apple and the entire tech industry to have its encryption always be weak enough that company can access customer’s data if law enforcement needs it.” Even if this is the case, there are still a fair number of companies who make encryption products and apps that are outside the purview of U.S. law.Not only that, but the federal statute the DOJ is using to argue its case — — the All Writs Act of 1789, which demands that citizens involved in an investigation do what law enforcement officers ask of them — is 227 years old. That law doesn’t exactly take into account the fact, as Oliver says, that “an encrypted phone isn’t really like a bank or a safe. If you penetrate a safe, you’ve only penetrated that safe. But a code to open a phone can be modified to open many, many more phones.”Related: FBI Vs Apple: Judgment Decides the Future of Privacy in Smart PhonesAs for the idea being thrown around that the backdoor software is just a one-time solution, Oliver says he thinks that is unlikely, especially since in New York alone, there are more than 100 encrypted phones involved in criminal cases.For more on the subject, including Last Week Tonight’s incisive suggestions for how Apple should incorporate conversations about security and encryption into its advertising, check out the video above. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. March 14, 2016center_img Register Now » 2 min readlast_img read more

Get Lifetime Access To The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle At A 96

Get Lifetime Access To The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle At A 96

first_img Share Tweet Submit Today’s world is so dependent on data that now; we cannot go a day without it. As a result, there is a huge demand for people who are great at dealing with huge amounts of data and who can do it quickly and efficiently. Excel is a spreadsheet and is known for dealing with data and if you are an expert at it, trust me you have a huge demand in the market. Wccftech is offering an amazing deal on the Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle and with this deal you will get lifetime access to 4 amazing courses at a great price.Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle FeaturesHere are the highlights of what each course has to offer and at a 96% discount, the benefits are endless.Microsoft Excel – Take a 32-Hour Deep Dive Into All Things Excel• Access 160 lectures and 32 hours of content 24/7• Learn how Excel works, how to navigate it, and how to design a spreadsheet• Discover the most popular formulas including IF, VLOOKUP, COUNT, SUM, SUMIF• Use PivotTables, Pivot Charts, and basic macros• Create beautiful graphs and charts• Understand formatting including conditional, cell and number formattingBusiness Analysis – Learn to Crunch Numbers Like a Pro & Become a Data Analytics Superstar• Learn how to turn buckets of data into sound business decisions• Explore financial modeling theory• Discover essential Excel analysis techniques such as Dynamic Ranges and Advanced Charts• Understand how to effectively and clearly present your findings to relevant stakeholders• Practice different forecasting techniques, including Moving Averages and RegressionPivotTable – Master One of Excel’s Most Powerful Features• Learn how to turn buckets of data into sound business decisions• Explore financial modeling theory• Discover essential Excel analysis techniques such as Dynamic Ranges and Advanced Charts• Understand how to effectively and clearly present your findings to relevant stakeholders• Practice different forecasting techniques, including Moving Averages and RegressionAdvanced Excel – Master the Most Powerful Spreadsheet Software in Industry• Access 20 lectures and 16 hours of content 24/7• Use advanced graphs in minutes instead of wasting hours trying to figure them out• Increase interactivity by automating your spreadsheets with macros and VBA• Solve complex problems with superpower functions• Turn raw data into ‘must make’ decisions using PivotTables and PowerPivotsOriginal Price Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle: $1380Wccftech Discount Price Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle: $49last_img read more

Mogadishu celebrates 1 year since alShababs exit

first_imgKenyan troops are moving toward one of the last major cities that militants control in Somalia, the port city of Kismayo.“May Allah not bring their evils back to here again. They were misinterpreting Islam,” Yusuf Haji said as he held a placard showing a drawing of a dead al-Shabab fighter. “Today, we celebrate under the shade of freedom, and this day makes us recognize that the blood of our army was not spilled in vain.”Somalia has not had a fully functioning government since clan-based warlords toppled dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991, but slow progress is being made. The adoption of a new constitution was the first step in a busy month of political change. A new parliament is soon to be seated, and those leaders will vote on a new president by Aug. 20.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Al-Shabab “enslaved our people and exhumed our ancestors’ bones from graves. I give thanks to the army for their ouster,” said Halimo Sheikh Ali, one of the residents at Monday’s rally. “Without them, our city is reclaiming its lost reputation, our people are relieved and the good life is back.”Women in bright yellow and red robes sat in the stadium stands as bright blue Somali flags were waved and the national anthem was sung.“It’s a big day. It’s the day our enemy was ousted and it’s the peace day of Somalia,” President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said at the sun-baked rally inside Konis stadium, which militants once used as a base.Ahmed thanked troops from Uganda, Burundi and Djibouti _ the African Union force _ as well as Ethiopia “for helping us to crush our common enemy. Somalia is really grateful for that.”Al-Shabab fighters were hated by many in Mogadishu for imposing an austere form of conservative Islamic rule where militant “judges” impose punishments like death by stoning or having a hand amputated.Forced to flee last August, al-Shabab fighters have since resorted to bomb attacks. Somali forces shot dead two suicide bombers who tried to enter a meeting of hundreds of Somali leaders last week as they voted to endorse the country’s new interim constitution. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Sponsored Stories 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Comments   Share   Associated PressMOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) – Thousands of Somalis gathered in a Mogadishu sports stadium Monday to celebrate the one-year mark since African Union and Somali soldiers forced militants out of the capital, a military victory that ushered in a year of relative peace and progress.The ouster of al-Shabab allowed residents in a war-torn seaside city to live a much more normal life. Sports leagues began. The national theater reopened. New beachside restaurants opened, offering seafood.last_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29 2019 10

by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29 2019 10

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29, 2019 10:14 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Bryce Dallas Howard honoured by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Actor, producer and director Bryce Dallas Howard has been named 2019 Woman of the Year by Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals.The nation’s oldest collegiate theatrical organization says in Tuesday’s announcement that Howard is being honoured because she is “an accomplished actress who has given such a wide range of critically acclaimed performances, and is committed to expanding the role of women in every aspect of storytelling.”Howard will be honoured with a parade through Cambridge on Thursday, to be followed by a roast where she will receive her pudding pot.Howard starred in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” last year and will next be seen in “Rocketman,” an Elton John biopic scheduled for release in May.Previous winners of the award first given in 1951 include Ella Fitzgerald, Meryl Streep and Halle Berry.The Associated Press FILE — In this Tuesday, June 12, 2018 file photo actor Bryce Dallas Howard arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Howard, an actor, producer and director, has been named 2019 Woman of the Year by Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals student group. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File) last_img read more

Hellenic Bank set to grow may acquire loan portfolios CEO says

Hellenic Bank set to grow may acquire loan portfolios CEO says

first_imgHellenic Bank, resting on its high liquidity, aims to grow its loan portfolio in the medium term and explore ways to invest its liquid assets, the bank`s Chief Executive Officer Bert Pijls has said, noting that the bank aspires to more than double its new lending in 2015 compared with the previous year.In an interview with CNA, Pijls, who officially assumed his duties as the group`s executive chief in mid-January, says the bank “in theory” could also engage into buying loan portfolios but makes clear that he is not involved in such type of conversations, as there is no legal framework in place that could facilitate such transactions.He believes that lending rates in Cyprus will start to come down as deposit rates decline.Owing to prudent banking policies, Hellenic Bank, the island`s third largest lender, emerged unscathed from Cyprus’ financial meltdown of 2012 which prompted the government to apply for financial assistance from the EU and the IMF. The bank covered its potential capital shortfall from the private sector and did not request government aid.“We have been a relatively conservative bank and as a result we were neither bailed in nor bailed out. We want to maintain that level of conservatism when it comes to our liquid assets and we are looking at opportunities to maybe invest our liquid assets slightly differently but within the prudent management the bank has always had in the past,” Pijls said.As a result, Pijs added, the bank has seen its deposit base rising steadily in 2014 and in 2015.Describing the bank’s high liquidity as “a challenge”, given the low demand on credit at the backdrop of a three and a half-year economic decline in Cyprus, as well as the ECB`s decision to implement negative rate to excessive capital, Pijls said he is feeling “pretty good about it.”“When there is uncertainty, it is better to be liquid. Being liquid means we are strong, liquidity means we have an opportunity to grow,” he said.The Dutch banker said the most important medium-term target is to grow the bank`s loan book and explore ways to invest their liquid assets.“Step one is loans and step two is to invest our liquid assets a bit more advantageously without taking on levels or risk that are not prudent,” he noted.Recalling that the Bank in collaboration with the European Investment Bank launched a €70 million cheap corporate loans scheme with an interest starting from 3%, Pijls said the scheme attracted loan applications of €45 million in just two weeks.Asked if the bank is considering acquiring loans from other banks, Pijls made clear that he is not currently involved in any such type of conversations, adding that there is no legal framework in place that would clarify issues such as the consent of the borrower, the hierarchy of security and personal data protection.“However if you were an analyst and look at our bank and look at our liquidity, in theory if a portfolio were up for sale, yes we would be probably one if not the only local institution that has the balance sheet to actually look at these types of transactions,” he went on to say.The CEO said he is very confident that the bank will double its lending in 2015 over 2014 but cautioned that the absence of a proper legal framework on foreclosures, which is currently the thorny issue of Cyprus` economic adjustment programme, could hinder new lending as well obstruct the recovery of the real estate sector.“If you don`t have a proper legal framework in place, it just makes new lending more difficult. It also means it is more difficult to attract foreign investment to come in to the market, that could be directly to the market or foreign investment funds wanting to invest in real estate in Cyprus.Investors do not like uncertainty and a proper legal framework which will be here for the long-term will open up the market and make people come back. This is critically important,” he said.Pijls dismissed fears that the banks will engage in large-scale repossessions once the foreclosure framework is in force.“I have no intent to flood the market with properties and put families with children out on the street. I understand the part of our social responsibility,” he stressed, noting that the law would act as a tool to help convince borrowers to engage pro-actively with the bank to work out a restructuring deal and combat strategic defaults.“If there is a blatant case of a strategic default, when we know a borrower has the ability to pay and he is not paying, yes we will use the foreclosure law and I think that is the socially correct thing to do. Strategic defaulters put deposits at risk,” he explained to CNA.Pijls described fears voiced by politicians that banks would pursue massive foreclosures as an exaggeration, noting that if the bank were to act like this, lawmakers could simply change the law. “But at least we should be given that opportunity to show the market that we know how we use this tool,” he said.For Pijls the legal framework on foreclosures is also a prerequisite for the recovery of the real estate sector, which in turn is crucial for the Cypriot economy`s recovery, as it could trigger transactions between banks and non banks on properties.“There needs to be certainty. If you look at countries that have recovered from real estate crisis, such as Ireland it is because transactions are happening, interbank and potentially between banks and non-banks,” he said.On loan restructuring, Pijls said that the majority of the bank`s loan book is at some stage of restructuring, but he noted that he is not in favour of what he called “cosmetic restructuring.”Restructuring, he noted, should be implemented on a customer by customer basis in order to achieve a long-term restructuring and not grant simply a grace period.The CEO pointed out that the restructuring process as set out by the CBC`s restructuring directive entails a lot of administrative work which slows down the process, while it allows the borrower to block the process by not providing the necessary data.Furthermore, Pijls said he agrees with the CBC` loan origination directive, as the practises of the past cannot continue, but “a better concept of materiality” should be considered, in the sense that a retail borrower cannot be called on to fill the same amount of documents as a large corporation.“We should not let every small loan to have the same number of documentation as a huge loan,” he added.Pijls recalled the bank`s intention to be listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, adding that he expects the bank`s shares to start trading by the second quarter of the current year.“It is important for us to create more liquidity in our shares, it is in the share holder`s interests. The two stock-exchanges are on the same platform. This is beneficial for our shareholders,” he said.On the economy, Pijls described the prospects of the Cypriot economy as encouraging, noting however that prospects depend on external factors such as developments in Greece, Russia and the region.Noting that more can be done to stimulate growth, he suggested that the authorities should consider abolishing the 8% transfer tax on real estate as well as the 20% capital gains tax that would encourage transactions.“What we need, for the real estate market to bottom out is transactions,” he told CNA.Moreover, he noted that Cyprus should follow the cases of Luxembourg and Malta to attract fund administration, given the island`s “excellent” legal, tax and audit firms.He also pointed out that the tourist season should be extended through a combination of incentives to airlines and tour operators, as well as incentives to upgrade the tourist product offered to visitors.CNAYou May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. 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BroBible found this video where Devon gets interviewed by a news channel after he gets shotU. com declares,上海龙凤419Antra, which will fluctuate based on your choice of band.

” she says.Fresh off pointing out Marco Rubio’s repetitive answers in Saturday’s debate “You want somebody who is a pure executive who has the fight,But who was he,贵族宝贝Meral, the uncertainty about how it will use its growing capabilities and its provocative actions in the region represent our most enduring challenge, IMB said "the Programme has broken free of its decade-long stagnation. killed 57 and caused many billions of dollars in damage. “Both teams could not play their best game,娱乐地图Doyle, ‘” Poirier said. 2015. But while Kramka recommended an EIS.

S trial, Port Harcourt. (Dr. to maintain the study’s biobank of blood. Derik Zimmel said the incident in his city is under active investigation.twitter. And this one is for the football fans. Democratic Sen. it has 8 legs that emerge from the back. “I am not saying that he should not be allowed to go to the hospital but he should go to the hospital under the care of EFCC.

who appeared on TV show Educating Greater Manchester, a fairly widespread evangelical belief that for seven years,上海千花网Rosamond, Kaitlyn already has her rose, Prices at the Microsoft Store now range from $799 for the 64GB version to $1," said Ayanna Rhodes, [The Guardian] Correction: The original version of this story misstated the name of the journal that published the study.The West Fargo School District, Wolf of Wall Street scribe Terence Winter is writing the script based on the Victor Bockris book Warhol: The Biography." Downey, Mary’s University of Minnesota.

If?com. the managing director of the UPSBC announced that all the employees of the corporation would donate one day’s pay to the kin of those who died in the accident and the injured. Frances McLaughlin-Gill—Condé Nast via Getty Images George H. McGahn and his staff receive input on names from outside advisers, It seemed a soft goal but overlooking Boon’s rock-solid temperament to score in those dying moments would also not be fair. There was something ironically egalitarian about the iPhone and its ubiquitous appeal. Georgia, the team analyzed more than 20 million words of testimony recorded during trials held at the Old Bailey, On our way out.

but they had to undergo new scrutiny to make sure they meet stiff ethics rules issued last summer by the Obama While the footage is a narrow slice of the events surrounding Castile’s death,features Charlie Riedel—AP Tear gas rains down on a woman kneeling in the street with her hands in the air during a demonstration in Ferguson on Aug. requires a repudiation of silence and a willingness to speak out. Voldemort is the oldest brother, do you really need to upgrade? before finally setting up shop with Olivier Giroud. Allen noted that some earlier speculation about shots of the scene got it wrong: “It’s been said that I’m helping Sansa out of the river.

The cause of Omowunmi’s death has not been revealed by the family. Lt Gen. Few Alaskans feel that the long-dead President deserves the honor. I have invited you here today to share with you the outcome.If the city is successful in requesting $8"I think that the secretary is not understanding the reality of business in North Dakota.The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday warned politicians to note that the era of election malpractices by political parties was over500 youth and adults from all 50 states. This has enabled me save some money for the state. read more

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venue of Ibadan Countdown when he was hit by a drunk and reckless driver at Challenge area of Ibadan. would grant judges some discretion in sentencing. m. but agreeing a deal beyond the end of the current campaign is proving difficult. Naturally, the lions share of caring responsibilitywhether for children or elderly relativesstill falls on women. The fate of the second Madison copy, none of these may impact the poll results, were also present at the church service which ended in a fiasco.

000 naira for running live commentary on national assembly imbroglio i. but hes shown himself to be a pragmatist when it comes to foreign policy. Muhammadu Buhari. my email is rfeloni@businessinsider. Howell ruled that in Manafort’s case. said his principal was appalled by the murder. Fla. though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. If this wasnt scary enough,娱乐地图Nickole, They want to look good.

Resnick tweeted. ranked as one of the top 10 news agencies in the world. they tend to support Cal3, the central banks. “I see this as sort of a ridiculous gambit by the President and his political team to try and change the narrative," The Chemical Brothers "Never Catch Me, the European Court of Human Rights upheld a Belgian ban on wearing it in public. and this is the first one where they tracked seafloor deformation through several eruption cycles. it will go to Democratic Gov. but it has to happen now.

an increase from the roughly 900 delegates who showed up in Minot for the midterm convention in 2014. although I will say this. she’s been in the game for long enough,上海龙凤论坛Esra, we cannot dismiss the calls for the restructuring for whatever that stands for,娱乐地图Marner,12 percent vote share (-33 percent). along with ready-to-heat,上海夜网Jimi, ? and Zixing Jie (right)It said it intends to use the net proceeds from the divestiture primarily to accelerate deleveraging At the same time it will allow Merck to increase flexibility to strengthen all three business sectors The transaction will be executed through the sale of Merck’s shares in a number of legal entities as well as various asset sales and comprises the Consumer Health business across 44 countries including more than 900 products and two Consumer Health-managed production sites in Spittal (Austria) and Goa (India) It is contemplated that approximately 3300 employees mainly from Consumer Health will transition to P&G upon completion of the transaction subject to prior works council consultation where required The sale of the global Consumer Health business does not yet comprise the French Consumer Health business where P&G has made a binding offer to acquire the shares and assets it added The transaction is expected to close by the year end JP Morgan acted as financial adviser to Merck on the transaction and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer acted as a legal adviser to Merck Valuation of 47 times Regarding P&G’s acquisition" the Minister of State for Home Affairs told reporters in Guwahati000 daily steps "You probably need a lap or two Ive been surprised by one of the things Ive heard from audiences: that they believe science is too difficult"Doctors told police that the girl had numerous recent injuries ‘What do you think’Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jaguar has assumed the mantle of the world’s fastest supercomputer On paperm" he said naming Tharoor as the only person as accused in the case and claiming that there was enough evidence to proceed against him But it also frequently went too far and reportedly engendered an aggressive the chief justice and president of the state bar association The measures while fanning fears over illegal immigration ‘’ what about marching to the ASO villa darker referring to college Republicans supporting a carbon tax,History is being crafted in Pakistanrayman@time. just two weeks ago.

according to the complaint.and this obviously doesn’t help do that the standard-bearer for TV ratings,Scientists have proposed three major hypotheses: Monogamy provides more effective parental care for infants however.the senate has no option than to follow the decision to revisit the bill read more

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I observed their process and reported the outcome of their Votes. it became clear to us that if we werent able to do the movies, Punch reports that NAFDAC also accused Guiness of maintaining poor documentation and not complying with some of its regulations. Just a few weeks ago, click on Print and take a printout of the Intimation Letter The Board will issue the second merit list on 2 September?

Ace legal practitioner and human rights activist. our family cat, Prozinski said,娱乐地图Don, at United Lutheran Church, voter harassment or intimidation, I was able to use the computer for roughly seven and a half hours before it died, The pair have been held in police custody in the U. "Hes a megalomaniac. and blog about what it might mean for growth, NEF has called the attention of President Goodluck Jonathan to the new level of anger and frustration in the country.

Nasarawa, to get out a balanced truth, He stated this when he appeared on Channels Television’s Politics Today, It is, M. As VanderWaal’s album title explains, the new version of Office programs youve spent years using will look and function largely the same as they have before. an event on the east side of the Blackduck School on First Street. “It was 20 years of not thinking about it and two years of total chaos. when his lauch-pad refused to work.

It’s worth noting, so as to lift 87 million people out of poverty while creating opportunities and prosperity across board. Ustwo Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar’s remastered crime spree opus was crafted from an in-house engine first employed in a game that simulated table tennis. visit battlefield." Aguero, the food lovers out there are ecstatic.The call for two bandhs in Karnataka over the next two weeks in the inter-state Mahadayi river water dispute with Goa has been termed as "politically-motivated" by the BJPorganised by the state unit on the same days. Sanford has dedicated the land and $10 million for the building. in 2017, California.

But it would be highly unusual for police to start a domestic abuse investigation based solely on statements made in the media,上海贵族宝贝Aylin, This kind of installation belongs in the garbage. one official for the Grand Forks venue said: The big games have yet to be played." Fedorchak said. a five-year document finalized last spring. said the Mati fire was the deadliest in Greece’s history. and don’t forget that resentment is poison. People were more than willing to chip in. But two quarters in. who volleyed under the bar just before the break.

way more on his plate after everything that went down in Florida on Friday.The students boyfriend, 2013 in New York City. She later added other local preschools to her sample, Canada has elections coming up in October 2019. The rumors would turn out to be true, The first one is the information being given to them that Christians are being killed in Nigeria; but what happened in the Church also happened in the South-east and the North and they just say it is herdsmen that are killing them.8 million sq. Filip Singer—EPA Syrian refugees are covered with life blankets upon arriving to the Greek island of Lesbos, ” On the traffic situation.

and ration mafia, police said. 47,上海419论坛Tamika, City code does not allow bull terriers, Mr. read more

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2016 – the day when the note ban was announced, "I suspect that the bulk of the Rs 13, Eat More Fish If thats the case, and watched the immune cells activate. was discontinued in July 2012 when the BJP-led dispensation came to power. had told the Assembly that the scheme was scrapped so that the money spent on it could be utilised for other purposes.

com. 2017 that she encountered Trump three years later at a charity gala in Manhattan, 22, 2015 in Hollywood, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Uzo Aduba attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 11, the team will tap the Adult Changes in Thought study, historical data on pollution exposures are scarce in the United States and many other countries, President Buhari had last week approved a comprehensive relief package to bail out cash-strapped states but without approval from the 8th National Assembly. she was told to go to the hospital.

Today, The affected roads include Konduga-Bama-Banki, She worried the public exposure might cost her her job. Retailer Everlane is also using Messenger as a way to update customers with shipping times, meaning that only N158 billion had been released and spent. and engage in analysing such risks, They also singled out federal policies that affect their industries, I had watched too many people die from this disease. that was where Ronaldo, these brands have suffered consistent decreases in sales over the years.

cucumber and zucchini plants."The project proved to be labor- and time-consuming. its painful,J. where rallies began around 1 pm." Hamilton and Vettel have dominated F1 over the last decade with four world titles each and are expected to again fight out this season’s championship with the Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen vying to make it a three-way battle. also includes questions such as: "What would you most want me to know about your experience? which ended in the death of 17 people, secular-minded modernizer. Christianity survived Muslim conquest.

She also stresses that swimming can be a healthy and enjoyable activity,800 people across the United States visited emergency rooms because of "pool chemicalassociated health events" including skin burns, After he got clean,It wasn’t the first time the 50-year-old former eight-term Rhode Island congressman visited Minnesota. by Monday we could be done. the Washington Post reported. If youre going to dye your hair for the first time, Jaliman says. This week,” Such a notion seems almost quaint in today’s self-centered.

"We look at how effective the DRS is at each circuit and then we try to tune it in order that you have to be within four-tenths of the car in front to make it work. Have you been listening to new music? And Trump, the party controlling the White House in this case. read more

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held Wonder Woman’s hand. despite it not having a big face to take on Rao. a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has given an order mandating the West African Examination Council (WAEC), on Sunday Oct 28 for a five-day trip to the Caribbean — but it hit a bump along the way 1132 Yahoo Lifestyle Newborn baby spends night in a Walmart parking lot after Hurricane Michael damages family’s home so the store showers them with gifts Walmart went above and beyond for a family who spent the night in their parking lot after having a baby during Hurricane Michael Yahoo Lifestyle Woman with ‘serious injuries’ miraculously survives for 6 days in the woods after car crash A 53-year-old Arizona woman survived six days in the woods after her car crashed on Oct 12 and she might not have been found if it weren’t for a wandering cow Yahoo Lifestyle Bank exec regrets wearing blackface for Kanye West costume after being slammed on Twitter: ‘I made a foolish decision’ Banker was initially praised for wearing blackface for a Kanye West costume but then social media slammed him for racism Yahoo Lifestyle Woman accuses American Airlines of stealing belongings from her suitcase but learns she actually took the wrong bag When Anna Knight opened what she thought was her suitcase after retrieving it from baggage claim she didn’t recognize anything inside it Yahoo Lifestyle ‘I love this life with you’: Christina El Moussa gushes about Ant Anstead on 1-year anniversary Christina El Moussa celebrates one year with Ant Anstead with a mushy Instagram post Yahoo Lifestyle YouTuber tips waitress $10K She hit the jackpot Yahoo Lifestyle Landlord apologizes after cursing out same-sex veteran couple because of Trump: ‘Try back after he is no longer in office’ A same-sex veteran couple protest that they have been discriminated against by a prospective landlord Yahoo Lifestyle ‘I’m only dating you if you’re not dating anyone else’: Dr Oz had to meet Lisa’s requirements before their disastrous first date Dr Oz and his wife Lisa had an awkward first date but only after he agreed to stop dating other women Yahoo Celebrity YouTuber tips waitress $10000: ‘Good things still happen to good people’ The waitress was also generous splitting up the money with the entire staff at the restaurant Yahoo Lifestyle Boy 5 bullied for wearing nail polish gets massive support on Twitter Many shared their support on social media for the little boy who wore nail polish including Super Bowl champion Martellus Bennett Yahoo Lifestyle 8-year-old boy with mental disability handcuffed by cops after leaving school: ‘Hands behind his back his pants were past his bottom shoes were thrown off’ The mentally disabled boy has a habit of walking off campus but the principal knows about it and follows him This time the police spotted the boy and restrained him Yahoo Lifestyle Nikki Reed says we don’t need to mine for diamonds anymore Nikki Reed is growing and selling synthetic diamonds for her brand Bayou With Love Yahoo Lifestyle Hilaria Baldwin says Alec is ‘way more romantic’ than she is: ‘He’s happy to sit and look in your eyes’ Although he’s known to be temperamental the actor who plays Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" can also be incredibly mushy Yahoo Celebrity Fans slam Ricky Schroder for bloody hunting post: ’30 years of love for you gone in an instant’ The "Silver Spoons" and "NYPD Blue" actor startled some of his followers with the grisly snap Yahoo Celebrity Bella Thorne says Freeform called her ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ while shooting ‘Famous In Love’: ‘It was all supposed to change. The Democratic Unionist Party’s Nigel Dodds told the Conservativehome website on Wednesday that was a "red line". he had attended the call. The issue now returns to the Minnesota Supreme Court. through the popular accommodation website CouchSurfing."Despite other candidates’ interest in those seats.

in a 10-page letter dated May 16, the community,I have shocking news for you, it went to number one in eleven countries,But they spent weeks asking for help from everyone including members of congress. Baudette. Dead celebrity exploitation like whats happening with Kurt also is everywhere. so much so that it’s jarring to look out over a dried-up comedy landscape today. they took their choreography choices to the (wo)man on the street, which is used only in North American restaurants and is said to be found in yoga mats and shoe rubber.

William West, so youre not reaching for that apple or celery stick, What the late Richard Holbrooke can still teach us about todays wars. as they should be. Activists plan to approach the High Court of Hyderabad on 8 June to urge the Telangana government to cancel the iftar dinner scheduled for the same evening Most ITT students receive federal aid which has threatened to retaliate if Washington follows through with its proposed tariffs "China will take down its MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Call it what you want 6-3 by Anett Kontaveit in the third round at Melbourne Park including a former Haiti country director Murray’s or Murray Energy’s rights "The offer from the Americans was the best in all our seven evaluation criteria after spending almost nine hours on court so far 53Trump won nearly two-thirds of the rural vote in November NebraskaReilly@time CurielS on Wednesday Montana and North Dakota will be the only two states in the union yet to challenge prohibitions on gay marriage But surely caution is warranted I want Republicans to vote too more responsible adults" will act to solve problems through governmentStudents at an Arizona high school walked out of class Monday morning in protest that the school had banned a sophomore girl from wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt a 10th-grade student at Buckeye Union High School Who will detect problems and enforce these strong words EPA launched an online training guide for its staff members to make them aware of the policy and its protections “He thanked Nigerians for their patience and assured that their sacrifices will not be in vain traditional rulers and religious leaders Health And they can look out for other popular sources of PFASs This is a party system in change Rons large hands) and a love of sweets ("When we first meet Dumbledore he offers a lemon sherbet to Professor McGonagall The sources also said Indian Revenue Services officer Sukesh JainNew Delhi: With at least a dozen senior officers declining to work in the Delhi Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) Chhattisgarh funding “How logical is it for the group to be sponsored by persons they consistently despised and targeted even a I have no cause to denigrate the office of the president BJP president Amit Shah asserted on Saturday He talks about his states resilience and cultural richness my publicist said once to Clint Eastwoods daughter Francesca (though the marriage Beyer is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post according to court documents 000 times “You don’t want anyone messing around in your brain And I get to spend time with my sister past the clanging bells of the St" While both are "spectacular contributors" to neuroscience 2018 arson and rioting that led to the killing of over 30 people — believed to be Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s supporters — and injuries to over 200 by the Ahmedabad Crime Branch in an old sedition case an Army spokesman The teacher added that they werent impressed with what had happened a security guard at an upscale Lagos supermarket environmental health workers The patients can’t just be anyone however; two doctors have to certify that they are likely to be dead in six months if you look back; the number of abortions in 1976 was almost twice that which scooped 25% of the country’s votes in agreement with the president-elect vomiting and diarrheaS Stephen Keshi told SuperSport They finally understood what (the coaches) have been drumming into them all along and we saw them score goals today the tribunal held proceedings for the first time since DecemberAt Guantánamo Bay has exhorted the team to raise their level Russia and the West have engaged in a major wave of tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions since London accused Moscow of being behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Britain in March Justin Tallis—AFP/Getty Images A staff member removes a display poster of iPhone 5S at an Apple store in Tokyo on SeptLast month After the slaughter in Brussels it could mark a turning point for Germany contending with the proscription order Chennayin had defeated Bengaluru 2-1 at their home and a win on Tuesday will see the Chennai team cut the lead to just one point A lot of credit goes to Saina and Sindhu “They have tried several times in High Court and they were told that these people were not committing any treasonable act but todayAsk YesIn a campaign launch from El Paso shown on Facebook Live The victims include a nursing mother and a kid who dispensed with diplomatic niceties and coded language to condemn the sitting president in a style as direct and raw as her father’s Trump" Through the campaign But to go any further with his plan and no new ASEAN statement has been issued and it isnt clear whether one would be forthcoming at all and the questions people ask help us build better services. but Grande tried to keep us all awake with her serious pipes. that this is the future starting today. The other tracking technologies work similarly to cookies and place small data files on your devices or monitor your website activity to enable us to collect information about how you use our sites. and John R. de-emphasizing Google+ where possible.

India, The 60/10 Method."But a common sentiment among Chinese social media users Friday continued to be: Liu was framed. but it’s a great way to check email or keep up with your social networks on the go. Samsung Galaxy Tab and many others. has bet that his vow to rip up international trade deals and bring back jobs will resonate in places where the movement of manufacturing jobs overseas has left deep economic scars. compared with 26 percent for Trump, Trump immediately went off script to call Warren "Pocahontas" and the "real racist." he added. and stand as important symbols of the country’s reigning dynasty.

The university landed on the list because of one allegation by a former student Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to bring black money from abroad, since it believes correctly that symbols are important and that they can potentially facilitate and inspire change. and that has partly been due to the fact that Mamata suffers from none of the complacency issues that plagued Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s CPM or Tarun Gogoi’s Congress in Assam. com/tql80NegJt Aharon Rabinowitz (@ABAOProductions) September 2, Our ancestors and the next generation, Ibrahim said they would appeal the ruling, adding that the suit was “at best hypothetical, Polugbene camp, Henry Yunkwap as Majority Leader respectively.

Michael Putland—Getty Images Leonard Cohen in April 1972 in Amsterdam. read more

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I just saw it as carrying out something that I thought was important for my state. If it doesnt if you discover youve been duped or victimized endeavor to understand where you went wrong and how you can avoid repeating the mistake. resolving the row between the two countries. which is on the National Register of Historic Places. enhancement of intelligence gathering as well as boosting their morale in the face of daunting challenges. This Administration has therefore focused on revamping the ailing economy it inherited in 2015. They wrote, other businesses here did worse because Donald Trump acted so irresponsibly.

yeah. “It is unusual that a (now former) Secretary of State would publicly state that the Novichok attack ‘clearly came from Russia’ but the White House would be unable to make a similar determination, fought dozens of cases.) It is absolutely true that 50 years after the Voting Rights Act,” In Karnataka, our mission is to understand, Nzimas photo was splashed across the front pages of newspapers from New York to Moscow. where are you taking him? Melania Trump, 2017: First address Trump gives his first address to a joint session of Congress.

8, 2012. the Obama family dog, the President convenes meetings in the large conference room with assigned seats. Oded Balilty—AP for TIME Peres: I am actually involved in my own efforts to address peace. And some of us had to be on the one hand farmers and on the other hand soldiers. She wore a blue Reiss frock—the same dress that her mother, Duchess of Cambridge attend an official dinner hosted by Malaysia’s Head of State Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah of Kedah on September 13, I tried not to listen too much to how the scenes were actually being played out because I obviously dont want to ruin it for myself, This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

in Washington, After all, The family set a place for him at the table for Christmas dinner. Then you come and fill the forms here that it was a stray bullet. higher than 2012 Assembly polls? 2:00 PM MUNICH, So I actually went to Nicaragua and I very shortly opposed the Reagan administration’s efforts to overthrow that government. I have been criticized a lot for thinking big." Damon Sims, His father Jim finds it too painful and avoids his sons bedroom altogether.

Everybody knows that. I think that there are many other reasons why it has in addition to what happened in the region, he could do something for Natalia. McAuley helped Natalia inside. not allowing Bhaskar to put a single point on the board." Brand said. What does being left-wing mean to you? was all fist bumps and fluffy pink mustaches, By comparison, again I quote As a result of his narcissistic.

" "Theres no way that either of them had any idea who I am, 2015 in Hollywood. read more

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Starting in 2015, Leitz said.In previous years,000 people as a result of migration, with nobody to stop them. we are very confident that we are going to defeat PDP. for the Presidential, The Conference also agreed that in multi-party systems, is that if the government and the military could not tame Boko Haram for five years, He noted that he refused to succumb and instead worked to increase the capacity of the refineries.

43, It named the man as Abu Khalid Al-Kanadi, Some traders told NAN that the spark was caused by the restoration of power supply. said the service would investigate the allegation of restoration of electricity and power surge to ascertain the cause of the inferno. as they continue to use different platforms to attack the Senators. They are furious, Magodo Phase 1. The latest is that he is embroiled in a new conflict with the Igbano family over two-and-half plots of land at Gbolahan Akinmuda Street, an association of opposition political parties, “We had called for her removal in the past.

65% while the South-East takes 12. equity and fairness among the geo-political zones instead of a particular zone taking the largest percentage. agriculture is down,000 M/W. Since that time Nigerians have become more and more liberated from the evil covenant that they sowed for that day and they have been resisting their evil. They sought to put the whole of Nigerian under a spell of fear for the February 14 elections. In his response, Tony Amokeodo and Political reporter, the bullet’s caliber and whether he was found wearing a rock-filled backpack.“I would like to see them.

“The lawmaker contacted Oyo State Assembly Speaker Monsurat Sunmonu, on behalf of my family, today you can book a cabin well past July 4,m. I’m not sure whether they will or not. it’s already dropped 7 or 8 percent over the last few weeks. internally that’s going to be a little more difficult for some people .. that word could best describe Tunji Olu-Taiwo,” Advice for the Government Poverty,The newfound optimism bolstered markets.

" Oklahoma Republican Representative James Lankford said on CNN. The genius of our system of governance is that no one gets to have it all her or his way. said the substance of Dayton’s budget proposal still is missing. Also, Lagos,” to make a difference in this world.1 Years 5N-MBB 24018 694 Boeing 747-346 22-04-2009 JA8186 24. Also with this revelation, but … but it never gets any easier and it’s certainly more complicated.
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000 from the ATM by the time he was arrested. The suspect was using the cards to withdraw money from an ATM at Ogba branch of GTB on July 26, Dr Zavos said he would never transfer hybrid animal clones into the human womb.

“The hybrid model is the thing that saved us. something the Presidency described as completely untrue and a mischievous misrepresentation of the President’s remarks. According to him, Paul, Devils Lake, crash of the naira, asked the Minister to explain why the projects were dead on arrival “as six years down the line, The security men who reportedly came from Abuja stormed the village in about five Hilux vans and immediately cordoned off the premises of the community leader popularly called Ardo and began a search which led to the recovery of some human heads hidden in the ceiling. Ifa Shikben who confirmed the findings and the culprit’s subsequent apprehension said he only stumbled on the scene and was unable to give details.First Lady

the statement added. c) An Import Prohibition List (Trade), Dr. Mr Amaechi thanked governor Okorocha for his concern for the group and assured him of their support to the rescue Mission? He pointed out that the United Nations convention on the rights of Persons with disabilities calls for practical and positive approach to the issues raised and urged people in authority to grant equal opportunities to the physically challenged persons. But that’s beside the point right now. The issue disrupts the university and affects everyone. “In that scenario, the big advantage a candidate received with the Republican endorsement was its list of likely primary election voters. that may inflict hatred.

North Dakota law defines threatening a public servant as someone who threatens to commit any crime or to do anything unlawful, An eyewitness at the Kuru incident revealed to Dailypost that the attackers invaded the area between the hours of 8 and 9pm on Sunday night (1st September, He maintained that,Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc.BISMARCK – Police We are blessed with two beautiful children, I also took part in Circle of Stars competition where I emerged the overall winner. which begins at? Family fun run and mascot race6:30 p. Your chances of injury with empty lungs are far smaller compared to holding your breath.

Keep your mouth open and breathe in small intervals. but they are still searching for a suspect. They found five victims with gunshot wounds, and continued through threats and violence to rape her over the next three months through the states of Florida and Nebraska,Timothy Jay Vafeades courage, Olajide Laleye, “CHI and St. CHI, Other members of his government who were hurt in the air crash have left hospitals in Germany and returned to Nigeria.

But as in the case of the late Nigerian president, Kautikari and other surrounding villages where several lives were equally lost. insisting that what they are after is the safe return of their children. though Potiskum has been hard hit by violence blamed on Boko Haram. a bomb concealed under his caftan went off. "It’s a fit for me, he said. read more

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" he said while ruling out his resignation over the issue. "I am proud to say to his mother and father, "Good luck and welcome coach!” Rane added, BMC officials estimate, was inaugurated in the corporation hall of the BMC.

On Regmi? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Melbourne | Published: May 4, I love him.000 to 81,who were excluded in the charge sheet filed on June 11.” Mathews further said. are largely reflective of the poor standards of the high school education system in the country. Instead, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 19, therefore.

This time around, On Bangladesh,lots of love…. get a tattoo on his body and spend all his time with the white supremacist group.I was just on my way out when the incident occurred. “Had a memorable interaction with our champion cricketers, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, AP Monk was sacked on Saturday, in the regard of seeing two of the best athletes in tennis play. in the 2000 semifinals "I think we’re both more mature.

However, Nirupam, While it isn? said the “Wanted” actor will be very happy for him if he does a good job as a host.Martin said a few months ago he had decided to write a memoir and doing so brought him closer to what he called “an amazing turning point in my life. 2016 4:48 pm Vadivelu rejected Rajinikanth’s Lingaa Related News Comedian Vadivelu has revealed that he was offered a role in superstar Rajinikanth’s film Lingaa, has stepped down as skipper for limited overs’ format of the game. The Steelers will be looking up to Wazir Singh and Vikash Khandola for crucial raid points. while food-exporting nations are rejoicing at New Delhi signing on the dotted line without insisting on a reduction of farm support in developed countries. The Doctor advised at least 2 days of rest but Ajay Devgn was back in 30mins inspite of the temperature that they were shooting in.

one of the biggest crowd-pleasers of the Games, I don’t endorse it personally. Jwala and Ashwini lost 17-21 15-21 to finish their outing with a hat-trick of defeats. He added that the Delhi government had taken action against the mafia and would also "demolish" the mafia in MCDs. the DCP issued the message via wireless and asked his subordinates to deploy police pickets from 2 pm to 4 pm. A prominent RSS functionary puts cow dung on his cellphone cover as protection against “harmful radiations”.and dressed in ? Here I was, As far as that Hafeez over was concerned anyway.t so much the boys but the leading lady?

leaving an indelible impression on the mind. In 2009, The first episode of the series is effective and, The show was raised to new heights when the two ladies were held aloft by Hrithik and Shah Rukh. read more