n 2012 a new trend of nternet application design sideslip navigation bar


navigation bar, also called the hidden navigation bar, is becoming a kind of design pattern for application developers to use the most love, Path, Facebook, Windows 8 in the use of this design.

navigation bar is not only beautiful, but also can save the screen area relatively large area, at the same time smooth sliding dynamic but also bring a taste not to the user navigation experience, but also to some extent increase the page content that can be displayed.

domestic mobile phone application is everyone with a sliding navigation bar, DouBan FM web version also uses a similar design, so that the original increasingly long pages once tidy up, and slip out of the page to bring a higher level to the user experience.


and the upcoming Windows 8 operating system is also used similar design, such as sliding out task switching from the left, from the right side slip out of the start menu, system settings, search system, slide out from the upper end of the software settings.

this design first appeared on the iPhone application, let us look at the specific case:



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