National pornography office investigated 198 pornographic information website

Beijing, 16 April, 16 journalists from the national anti pornography office was informed that since March 28th announced a number of pornographic information posted on the illegal site, around the anti pornography Office actively cooperate with public security and Internet management, communication management and other departments continue to intensify the crackdown, carry out the "net net action, and investigating the 198 websites published pornographic information, involving 20 provinces and municipalities. Among them, love to go to the Android network, Ya book Hall 21 not record sites were shut down in accordance with the law; the storm, the world’s 175 digital e-book website managers were interviewed, to remove pornographic information immediately; AZ, assistant 2 serious website, punished by public security organs.

Beijing to love customers 7 pornographic information posted on the website to be shut down illegal administrative penalties; development limited company of Beijing Sunshine Technology Feihua 25 units violations; the mobile phone forum, China fly Lou novel nets, the Apple App store, market access and other 62 published pornographic information the site of the investigation, the relevant content is deleted, submitted instructions and corrective measures. Heilongjiang according to the fake information security network Zhuotang record to be closed, issued a notice to remove illegal content published pornographic information network of energy-saving. Liaoning of pornographic information posted on the woman street website interviewed the person in charge, shall be ordered to remove the relevant content, and self correction of all the sections of its website, and no violations.

According to the Shanghai

instructed the Chengtong SkyDrive 8 posting pornographic information immediately delete the link. Jiangsu love to shut down in accordance with the law Android net, Qingdi literature net 6 sites, and love TXT ebook forum, Xiaoxiang College and other province transferred to the Nanjing city network, such as network 26 complete TXT download pornographic information posted on the website, instructed to remove the offending content immediately, Zhejiang City, Qin Jian to E forum 18 pornographic information posted on the website to delete the related content, or close related programs, and strengthen self-discipline, to ensure there is no similar problems. Anhui on the publication of pornographic information along with animation, shared disk and other 9 sites to be processed, ordered to delete the content and strengthen self-discipline. Fujian posted pornographic information Mengxi literature net, A mobile phone movie web 11 websites such as law, instructed to remove the relevant content, do self correction. Hunan, according to published pornographic information every day reading network, Fei net 10 sites to investigate, ordered to remove the relevant content, strengthen site management.

of Guangxi Chinese network, sci-fi pornographic information posted on the Qinzhou 360, shall be ordered to remove the relevant content. Chongqing time on Chongqing Shopaholic, my car home 2 websites such as pornographic information posted links to its website screenshot evidence, instructed the responsible person to remove pornographic information posted links. Sichuan to close down the purple butterfly tet download, Ge Ya books and other 3 sites, of 96 kinds of free energy-saving and find novel reading network, network, security.

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