Some experience about Ali’s mother

today at school teacher Liu told us to put emphasis on Ali mother, after the end of the study Jianye mother of Ali and Baidu bidding, I believe that in addition to Baidu PPC, one of Ali’s mother is the key.

Jianye now said with emphasis on Ali mother, first of all; we must first registered the Ali Mama backstage (also have Alipay only) registered after the first in his mom rushed backstage 4 dollars (mom in the minimum price is 5 dollars, registered a piece of money then) we must first understand the basic operation; under the background of the Ali Mama; we Ali mother the first is my mom in the basic situation of the balance and the latest advertising plan. The second is that we focus on the study of the "advertisers" the first is the advertising program management on time long billing advertising, click on the ads, according to show billing advertising. Long billed to choose investment long time according to their own money, every day can choose what specific time, for example we nine in the morning to eleven p.m. prime time at 3 to 6 p.m. prime time, then we can accurate delivery. Two is the advertisement click billing, click billing is a delivery form we often use, he can every type of website is accurate to the category and accurate to each region so that we can for our target customers effective delivery, one is can choose specific site specific delivery so that we can specific and effective running.

choose a good site is also one of the objects to consider, there are many factors to consider. For example, what kind of category is your customer base, customer base and query time you can become a conversion rate…… This is what we need to consider, this is according to their different sites and different needs to consider the Ali Mama advertising text ads image ads, image ads and banners also, there is a small end, is what we often say that the prime class, so when we put the mom must not be ignored. After we finished can be analyzed according to their 51 and 53 customer service, can be analyzed in what specific pages into the conversion rate of what kind of website to spend money but no effect so that we can be in after the precise cast.

Some view

Jianye, what deficiencies, please communicate with each other.

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