Novice webmaster tips do what is good, do not do BBS

let me introduce myself, I am a young master, now 17 years old. I began to do stand 16 years old. The first station was at that time what all don’t understand, you know the forum to popularity, the dead friend, dead around the post, there should be a lot of friends it is of course effect…3-4 months after IP in more than 1 thousand. The forum is now more than 1 thousand but.

why don’t I say

1: if you are a powerful personal webmaster, you can help you do the IP 5000-1W forum, but also to spend a lot of time and effort to build such a IP forum is not garbage station optimization difficult.. because posts are members of the SEO

. They don’t understand…The

2: 5000-1W IP let you do you do what advertising… The monthly advertising is hard to meet. Do a month is 50-100. I feel better for most individual owners are relying on GG ad, but GG ad didn’t do the Forum… Why? Forum are repeat customers, everyone is familiar with your ad on there? Seldom go to the point… Second. The price is very low Chinese forum station is 0. 01..5000IP one day even 3 knives may not have..

3: do you need a lot of space to the forum. The cost is too heavy. The rotten server space to keep people, if members in your forum for 3 days every 2 days, who will stay in your forum..IIS requirements is very high, third traffic demand is very high.. most webmaster forum is to buy a separate server. Funds

I think the new station first station garbage station, I do not advocate the garbage station, but the station garbage flow to fast money fast, if you take the garbage station when the normal station to do, you may refuse station side normal station, put your enthusiasm and energy don’t in the Forum… Not everyone can do a good forum Forum… The truth if bigger really make money. But how many people can the forum made out of Tianya…

I did not

what, just put my experience to all of you

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