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: if you find a net work, you work for the people who don’t know you, but to see the things that you must do, how to do


, the first to find their own work, qiaosheruhuang, importunate, average success rate of about 15%:

second, please write a letter for you to bring to each other. The person who wrote to you must be a man of authority, with a success rate of 70%.

third, you can find a person who is very consistent with each other and trust to go with you. Success rate 100%.

well, linked to what we are talking about today, is the marketing of the highest wisdom of the first method: by brand or by name. We know that for your target audience, customers do not buy your products, mainly for two reasons:

first, your company, your products, your brand Distrust:

second, customers do not understand your product. If you solve these two problems, the rest is the price problem. Of course, the price must be appropriate, but the price is never the most important question.

if you solve these two problems to solve the problem of sales, right?

student: yes.

you can choose:

first, find an authority to give you cheer:

a horse in the selling market stood for three days, people do not know his horse, even nobody of the asking price, the people find Bole said: I’m going to sell the horses, but in the market stood for three days, but would you please go to the market No one shows any interest in, around my horse look around, look at the time of leaving a few times, I am willing to pay you a pay day. Bole agree to the proposal, the next day went to the market around, and the horses just from the market to leave the horse, the price rose ten times.

we know the product is good, there is no marketing effort or not sell it,


student: yes.

Gen win nets: it appears that this person selling the horse knows marketing, sought to understand the general horse horse Bole as a product spokesperson, started ten times the value of their products.

also established a new website, what a certain period of no flow, so we need to share some of the big flow sites to drive traffic to our site.

1 station network optimization method [Google] I think this method is the most effective, and is the best effect, this method is especially trial of a large amount of information website, if you use the website dynamic script writing, so your information must not fully indexed by search engines. If your site is a lot of data information, then through optimization, at least every day to increase the click rate of 5-10W. Of course, the premise that, the need for a large number of existing data, unless there is a very popular key for you to get the first search engine, of course, this flow is temporary, very

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