Some problems in the current content Alliance

site alliance according to the use of points, there is a domain name alliance, flow exchange alliance, make money into the league, content alliance. It can be said that every link on the site chain has a corresponding alliance.

domain name alliance was n years ago, the harmony, once the scenery of the moment, k666126, or death or transformation.

flow exchange alliance is now a Trojan virus is tangled, sick.

money into the Union while on the surface is booming, but the alliance Chen Yizhou liar in their midst, to touch a lot of black. GG and ma mother and other alliances are also sandwiched between the company and the company is difficult to do.

everything has two sides, the above is said to see the dark side, the following should also talk about the content of the web site to its existing problems.

first to define a range of Web Content Alliance: This paper provides an alliance to be binding partners name space and content resources, and partners (owners) provide the domain name, to provide services to users of a mode of cooperation. Simply put, the alliance out of content and space resources, the webmaster domain name.


recently intends to integrate the domestic content alliance resources, do website kaobi a day for the millions of users of the service, found that the content of alliance of many problems, bring a lot of difficulties to the integration of content. Now one by one, the following questions, is a large collection of various coalition issues. Not all alliances have the same problem.

1 registration trouble. Part of the union registration trouble. When registering the webmaster provide a user name, password, domain name, address and file which can be. But some of the alliance is not, the original need to simply register things too complicated.

2 template modification to extremes. Either can not modify the template, or modify too hard. These may be nothing to do with any experience in the development of pure technology. The program made after their registered users to test several times, what is not convenient enough, what place is too cumbersome, simplified can simplify, omit the ellipsis. Technology is a function of the service, from the fundamental value of the use of things that are really garbage.

3 Alliance for content is not updated. Some of the union at the beginning of the update is quite hot, over a few days to update a few days, what is more, some of the League did not update a few months. The standard dead alliance.

4 alliance without contact. Some of the alliance left contact, but it is the furnishings, simply can not contact.

5 alliance does not give the station to show. Technically, implementing a list list is a very simple function. Some unions are too lazy to engage in, or unexpected. The reason why the construction of the alliance, the purpose is to improve the degree of expansion of information, to the Cooperative Station >

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