Shop No. 1 WAL-MART under the dome to accelerate the integration of complementary short board



China’s first online supermarket shop No. 1, "Renzuguizong", the electricity supplier in the winter is not over yet, completed the transition to small platform

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every November 11th approaching, the electricity supplier Chinese participants began very upset, on this day, the explosion seems inevitable nightmare. Speaking of "critical", founder of No. 1 store in just said with emotion: "development too fast, did not dare to start time. At that time, 5000 square meters of warehouse feel good, three years is enough, the results of our first half a warehouse explosion, until now, our 6 explosion."

said this, he is located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park of Shanghai sits in a nondescript Xiaobailou office, gentle tone. This is not more than 30 square meters of office, with a table of two. From the beginning of the business, just with another founder Liu Junling squeezed in a room of 10 square meters of office, to today, they still share an office. However, the identity of the two, is once again become a professional manager from entrepreneurs.

their new boss is WAL-MART.

October 26th, WAL-MART Global CEO Mike (Mike Duke) in Shanghai as to just face clear, shop No. 1 is WAL-MART in China business platform. From the 1 store can justifiably use "online WAL-MART" this label. After obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, WAL-MART eventually get 51% stake in store No. 1, becoming the largest shareholder.

disk access WAL-MART, is not only the next line of the world’s largest retail group, is the second largest U.S. online retailers (after the Amazon), but even in the Amazon, Chinese development is also facing many of the local and The climate does not suit one., not brilliant. This time, WAL-MART will face three line operations. On the one hand to continue to adjust the line retail management mode in China, it completely from the product quality event in recent years the outbreak of the walk; at the same time, finish the work as soon as possible and delayed integration of trust mart, synchronous online; to promote the work of integration and docking Shop No. 1.

Shop No. 1 is China’s electricity supplier industry a dark horse". The sales from founded two years ago to 4 million 170 thousand yuan and 46 million yuan, the explosive growth in 2010 to 805 million yuan, last year was a record high of 2 billion 720 million yuan. The industry is therefore regarded as the 1 fastest growing e-commerce company in recent years. IResearch announced in 2011 China’s network of electricity supplier list, the annual turnover of seventh, with an annual growth rate of 235.8% in the top 7, the growth rate of the first.


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