Create a network Myth – proud wolf network

Myth of the

Network – the pride of the wolf network dances with wolves

always imperceptibly go out of the school for two years, this is the school network, but is not engaged in this work, always feel the lack of what, perhaps because I have been very confused, can not find the direction, but sometimes I think there is no real you have a website that is not also do a station, so every day to walk on the Internet to walk, then I do not know where to see a Witkey article, mind suddenly a surprised, it seems to be my future to be engaged in the direction of later, see a name called snow wolf the movie, I thought, wolf, Witkey, always inadvertently, a very creative Witkey mode emerged in my mind (absolute beyond the task now Chinese and, making it into the world’s largest Witkey — proud wolf network

ask: who is, a beautiful myth


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