Apple is a major event, 12306 NetEase cloud music and a series of well-known software was detected v

got the news in the dark, there are some developers write virus virus code for Apple mobile phone development tool Xcode, to generate this mobile App development tools will automatically use the mobile phone in the end user application, system version, language, nationality, country, and other information, and upload to virus users have a website.

It is reported that

has caught the well-known App:

12306 mobile terminal

didi taxi

NetEase cloud music

CITIC Bank card space

high de

under the kitchen

China Unicom mobile phone business hall

may have more software will continue to be broke. (details about the virus can be viewed by clicking on the original text)

is the main cause of this problem is the use of computer is because the majority of domestic programmers inappropriate habits, download the development tool, do not go to the official website to download the official development tool provided by Baidu, SkyDrive and SkyDrive but to look for the thunder, these development tools are hackers tampered with development tools, natural move, development tools the software was also infected with the virus, automatic access to user information and upload.

today, the news once again proved that first-hand information is how precious. Why do I always told graduates just repeatedly stressed that the use of software to download, go to the official website to read the document read, understand knowledge to Wikipedia to understand, read foreign books to see the original, not the source of information to obtain the knowledge, can quickly get first-hand knowledge is the second, more terrible is: "you never know what others give you something inside, with what."

at the same time listen to me a word of advice: do not uninstall, uninstall.

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