Who said that small sites can not make money!

      what I said here refers to the IP station more than 500 stations (picture and music station station except that I have no experience).

      the main income of 1, the station is mostly Google Advertising, I do not recommend IP to 500 to apply for Google Advertising, I did a test, the same set of data for two stations, tied 2 corn, a is ready to apply for Google Advertising, in addition one is when IP is close to 500 for the two station advertising, advertising is placed in the same position, the results found that the 500IP application station than that started the station for high price, is about 1.5 times, at the click rate not what big difference is about 2%.

      you have to do is to apply for a Google Google that is applied to advertising advertising is hung up, it would be wrong, in fact, do Google have great knowledge of the same page, you are not the same in different places and the price you click, with the size of the advertisement price is not the same and even a title, the background color is not the same price is not the same, this is worthy of careful research, each station has each station fit style and color, on the Internet said that the title of the most colors are blue click I disagree, I had also believe that blue is the best, but when I see blue a black when the cost increased, click increased about 0.05%.

      for how to find the most time you stand Google advertising model, Google provides you with a very good tool, that is the channel. You can change the location, size, color, and then observe the changes in revenue with different channels of advertising. To change the color and style, but the size of income does not have the obvious change, I do not advocate immediate replacement should be observed for 2 days to change, I found that if the price change of Google is probably a period of 2 days, of course you found significantly reduced revenue will suggest that you immediately change. What size of advertising click rate is the highest, I can tell you is 336X280 text ads, whether you are alone or by mixed, are the highest, this I have tested, but do not put image ads, image ads for people to see that this is the natural advertising. Not to the point. Picture advertising is suitable for no, what website, such as your station is obviously Chinese station, but your Google Advertising is English or even Japanese, for a long time or if so, I suggest you put pictures of pure advertising, so there will be at least revenue. Well, Google Advertising is here, here is another way to small Adsense income, monthly advertising.


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