Easli China website ranking web publishing

      yesterday, website ranking company Alexa Chinese only strategic partner, easli network released a new Chinese website ranking, because Alexa company put the website ranking way made an adjustment, making the most of China website ranking large decline.

      flow change radically suspected of cheating


      it is understood that the headquarters of the United States of America’s Alexa website ranking is currently the world’s most authoritative website rankings, as some of China’s Web site to attract international venture capital fund is an important indicator. According to CEO Luozhou easli white, because commercial sites mainly rely on traffic to attract advertising revenue, so there are a lot of Chinese website had the phenomenon of cheating and cheating in the way of traffic, up to a dozen. But for the specific existence of cheating in many China website, Luozhou said to count white.

      it is understood that after media said that some domestic traffic in the Alexa site suddenly change radically, there are suspected of cheating.

      new index data more scientific

      it is understood that Alexa had already launched a number of sites with a number of local partners in the country rankings. The launch of Chinese and easli in cooperation network "China website ranking list with website is divided into 111 categories and 735 small classes, and ranking. In addition to retaining the new rankings Alexa authoritative traffic and page browsing and other data, the most important thing is to join the user loyalty, Internet trust, the number of pages and other new indicators. White Luozhou said that the web is not necessarily the first, there are many websites can pay their own flow increased but not with money to improve user loyalty, Internet trust, page browsing time, thus increasing the index can effectively prevent cheating website.

      Chinese websites pay too much attention to the speed of development

      in the United States have created two sites of white Luozhou said, compared with foreign counterparts, Chinese website paid too much attention to the speed of development, and do not care about the user experience and service value, which leads to many websites are hoping their flow increases, become the first in the industry. The new ranking will cause more competition between China website, white Luozhou said, adding the new index ranking after the calculation can be more effective in reducing Chinese website earlier that "fight at outrance" competition, because each site can find their own advantages and disadvantages, rather than focus on the flow.

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