Jackie Chan talk about the creation of the car website want to do the most real car service

editor’s note: who said the site has no future? Kung Fu Star Jackie Chan joined the Internet market to the Internet has increased a tonic in winter. Webmaster friends to have confidence in their own site, as long as the choice of the direction and consistently stick to it, you will succeed.

Jackie Chan Automotive Network founder Jackie Chan     December 4th morning news, in the just concluded Guangzhou show, there is a car website "recruits" booth received special attention, the reason lies in the star Jackie Chan hard propaganda.

actually the name of the site is called Jackie Chan. As the name of the information disclosed, the Jackie Chan car network is created by the Chinese version of the simplified Chinese version on October formally launched on.

"we help him will not give people cheat, this is the most important," Jackie Chan said of the original intention of this website is revealed, he was driving fool, so just think through the website to help understand the car crowd.

Jackie Chan said, "I want to do the real car service".

on the Jackie Chan car network characteristics, Jackie Chan said that this site is not only the high-end car, but also let people know more about the China love car car, understand "how to understand how to energy saving, environmental protection, how to drive".

I want to attract a lot of members through this site, Jackie Chan’s idea is to popularize the rules of civilized driving in this way, and he added that the platform will be launched with more interactive activities.

Jackie Chan, chief editor of

automotive network, told Tencent science and technology, had spent only a month and a half of the time to launch the site, the first phase of information based, in February and March next year will launch SNS based interactive platform.

currently Jackie Chan automotive network staff of about 50 people, Li Hongyi said that this number will continue to increase, "the office will be set up in key areas and sub station".

Philip Lee did not think it a car site in winter, he pointed out that the previous owner of saturation is not small, these people in the obtaining of information and interaction is still in demand, at the same time, Li Hong is very optimistic about the country will be a bailout.

, we expect in June next year, to enter the top ten Alexa Chinese car class website, Li Hong, a talk about the plan of the Jackie Chan car network pointed out that the end of next year’s goal is rushed to the first group, which is the top three".

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