McDonald’s, Starbucks these brands is how to find their own diehard powder

original title: rethink the brand: a key issue that is easily overlooked

many years ago, McDonald’s has launched a project, the aim of the project is to increase store sales of milkshake.

, like many other big companies, has its own customer research methodology. They found a milkshake customers, let them fill in the typical consumer surveys, to customer questions like "how to improve the milk shake, you will buy more? Do you want this milkshake cheaper? More chocolate?" this kind of problem.

according to the feedback information survey, the company started to shake a lot of improvement. Strangely, a milkshake is getting better and better, but sales and profits have not been growing.

so, McDonald’s invited Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen (innovator’s dilemma) author and his team to solve the problem.


through a series of observations, records and interviews, Clayton team found an interesting truth:

almost half a milkshake is sold to the morning, a milkshake is almost a person, they only bought a milkshake, and almost all of the people who are driving the pack.

they conducted further research, found that all customers every day in the early morning, all have the same things to do: they have to go to work for a long time to open the car, the road is very boring, while driving on the need to do something to make the journey to become a bit more interesting; they were not really hungry, but they know about 2 hours later, which is in the middle period of morning and noon, the stomach will be growling.

how do they usually solve these problems

some people will eat bananas, but soon found that bananas digest too fast, and soon hungry again. Some people have tried donuts, but donuts are too fragile, while eating while driving, will be full of sticky hands. Some people eat breakfast to eat chocolate Snickers chocolate, but always feel not very healthy.

milkshake? Is the best of them. To spend a long time with a thin Straw sucking thick milkshake, and basically can resist a morning bursts of hunger strikes. A man blurted out: "I want to shake these really thick! Take 20 minutes to shake from the thin Straw sucked clean. Who cares what’s inside, I don’t care. I knew I had been full the whole morning, and that it would be just as good as my cup." He said, holding his empty left hand.

after understanding the above information, how to improve the milk shake become obviously. How can we help customers better spend the boring commute time? Let some thick milkshake again, let the customer get longer. Coupled with a little flesh, not to allow consumers to feel healthy, but to the customer

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