The starting point of the brilliant soft Wen released Daquan and analysis

write soft guilty? Yourself write soft hard have ample food and clothing, innocent!? even when the owners are still afraid of difficulties! Need to write software methods and skills to


Hello, I was in front of the bird, wrote an article "how to create a pseudo original", got a lot of friends praise and encouragement, a lot of people on the QQ with my message, how to say: soft? Or where to publish? Some people even think that radical, heavy editing despise soft, not published.

actually published soft Wen, according to different periods, your writing skills. The choice of different release sites, to master certain skills in order to make the text published more targeted, this article is the system to talk about how to choose the right soft release place.

a rookie

with profound respect and humility.

in the rookie period, many of my friends feel even a pen can not get good, in fact, college education China really harmful, many people have literary talent in high school, the language test 120~130, to complete the university four years haven’t touched the pen, the literature things lost, it is difficult to pick up but, many grassroots webmaster and did not finish high school, living directly in society, so their writing skills are more confident.

so this time, don’t choose the regular station to release the soft, select some forum for publishing, then set up a blog, a 5~8. Then the unified release, the forum, the forum recommended to some affiliated stations, such as the laggards ah, Admin5 forum, zzchn forum, first hit the base, even if writing is not good, does not pass the audit forum. And such a forum is generally very popular popularity, but also a reply, only the exchange can make rookie more confident.

Admin5 Forum: this forum is now trading based, so you can focus on writing some source code, the site’s trading experience.

Zzchn Forum: just debut webmaster website to download the source code, but pay more attention to communication, you can write some experience and communication articles.

Im286: now may not fall behind, so that the hair in the new draft submission area, perhaps lucky accidentally left behind

Chinathml: this station can go to hair, after all, the content is not bad. this station is the webmaster service professional website free logo and banner forum, very popular, mainly it provides most information needed for the sake of the so, or that sentence: content is king.

this time the content of writing should be superficial, not to think of a great leader: "on the history of" China network development to watch this title to the face, try to write some small, we start from the good aspects, such as the MM station, wrote: "how to"