A letter to the chiefs of the marketing must be down to earth!

busy Internet bigwigs:

your marketing department is caught in a vicious circle: your article is only in the IT channel, the audience is always IT circle; your marketing department in order to have a face in your peers, desperately tiger sniffing, titanium media and other media IT.

do you know what people are saying,


this is self deception. An update of the product features, paranoia rose to an impact on the industry level, the spread of science and technology media. You know, the circle of people are experts, your product is excellent, whether garbage, not you can change their perception of a word.

hey, no way, the marketing department spends a huge amount of money, as the chiefs of the IT media is you, where you will go to the market every day, to let you know where to spend money, so try to swing in your nose, in order to be doing the thing, can let you in the face the other peer in the eyes of


but you wonder whether the product is most in need of the user, you need most is to promote our products to ordinary people’s noses, let the user know of your product, your product end use


you know, once, I take a good use of the software introduced to the neighbors, she was surprised to say: Alas, there is such a good software, I have never heard, you give me the XX deleted, I will recommend you with this! This is the big brother XX. Products in the. The younger brother level products, but because it is easy to use, to seize the big brother of the user.

I’m not in the black of a product, but wonder why such a good product, no publicity to ordinary people know? Therefore, marketing must be down to earth! At least let everyone know the existence of this product! To do publicity users’ noses


so I have the shallow know my opinion, please paizhuan.

marketing can not get out of the IT circle

in the Internet Co, when updating a product appearance or function, they always prefer to find a major site of IT channel, vertical media, cutting-edge technology and media. The same product one day published several articles, published an article dozens of media, the whole is throwing money, shop release state, and asked the cloth out of each manuscript must be provided with a product name.

such an article with never lost brand "soft, advertising". See the title, I know it is soft, so the article who is interested to see?

this is a common fault of IT, over the years are so spread, has become a fixed mode of operation.

actually, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you have big, because you press media are associated with the IT platform, it means that you have not left the permanent marketing IT ring! Do you want their products using the crowd is IT the man