To improve the effect of Matthew website traffic cheats

In the "barrel theory" to improve the site traffic of the cheats to the webmaster blog or website construction advice: first, not the strongest improvement, but the most weak, only to let the short board site has long board height, all wood near or complete the same height as far as possible, in order to ensure with the continuous improvement of the stability of site traffic. The content of the site and the quality of the site traffic plays a key role. Content is king, this is an undeniable truth. No content, traffic is difficult to improve, even if there is traffic, but also a brief moment, a flash in the pan. How to do web site content? Throughout the overall content of the site, analysis of the sub channel differences. Study on the difference, and then play the content section of the hadron advantage, so as to drive the whole flow. The author believes that the "Matthew effect" can be applied to improve the content of the site.

"Matthew effect", by the American history of science researcher Robert · Modun proposed, content is: good good, bad worse, much more, a phenomenon is less and less. The name is derived from an allegory in the bible. Matthew’s story: a journey before the king, gave three servants money a person, told them: "you have to do business, when I came back to see me again." When the king came back, the first servant said, "master, you have given me 10 pieces of silver." So the king rewarded him with 10 cities. The second servant said, "master, you have given me 5 pieces of silver." So the king rewarded him with 5 cities. The third servant said: "master, you gave me a silver, I have been kept wrapped in a towel, I am afraid of missing, never out." Then the king ordered the third servant Mina rewarded the first servant, and said: "Whoever has will be given to him, call him redundant; not, even what he has will be taken away." This is the story of the Matthew effect, its meaning is the poor, the rich richer.

the contact "Matthew effect", somewhat suspicious of the versatility of this theory. Modern society has entered the network economy, Internet everywhere, web content can stick users to have traffic, in order to create a profit value. As the number of users of Tencent QQ with Tencent to expand to grow with each passing day, the search market, with a half share of the search market to seize the number of Internet users can blog registration number; as also rapid growth, development and perfect function, attract more users to play blog, blog and beauty contest recently organized together countless eyeballs and huge traffic. Obviously, the strong will be stronger, the weak will be weaker, because the advantages of strong accumulation, and thus create a greater space, more opportunities to grow and develop. Matthew effect is not doomed to not be able to live in the future, like the Baidu latecomer robbed in front of Google, like the Sohu latecomer to grab before YAHOO……

how webmaster or blog how to use the "Matthew effect"? The author thinks that the website can not be so anxious to learn from /