The 8 method improve site traffic

improved 8 Famennian site traffic


1 station network optimization method [Google] I think this method is the most effective, and is the best effect, this method is especially trial of a large amount of information website, if you use the website dynamic script writing, so your information must not fully indexed by search engines. If your site is a lot of data information, then through optimization, at least every day to increase the click rate of 5-10W. Of course, the premise said, needs a large number of the existing data, unless there is a very popular key that you got the search engine first, of course, the flow is temporary, unstable, and generally very quickly by some big portal site or occupied. This method has a certain cycle.

2 event marketing method this not to say, there are many examples, such as online Mu Zimei, Sister Lotus, rascal rabbit, super girl, can also be an occasion, such as the current popular super girls, if done properly, can also attract a lot of traffic. There is a kind of event, that is, by the name of the holidays, organized a variety of activities, such as discount business, in order to attract popularity. The key point is to do an article on the event, the more popular things, the more able to attract popularity, the war in Iraq, so that sina has earned enough traffic, but also to lay the position of its online news hegemony.

method of operation: in the traffic on the forum, published to attract the eye of the article, the bigger the better, the more lively the better. (but don’t too direct, this can let the moderator to dry out. ) and in the big flow blog website, I feel ah blog is a very good marketing method, published an article in key words into their website links, so that not only can improve the Google rankings, but also can improve the traffic.

3 porn marketing method to look at some of the sex site in Alexa Rankings will know, this method brings traffic. However, do porn is illegal things, of course not, but the color is hierarchical, if the public point, make some beautiful photos, beautiful, sometimes a dew point, the more popular to the mouth that. As long as the proper use of the huge flow needless to say, but also a lot of reflux. But don’t go too far. If it’s too far, the police can find you……

there are a lot of traffic is a large web site by porn and deception,

4.Email marketing spam for several years, so far there is no good way to solve. Although e-mail has not been as good as a few years ago, but if properly designed, the content is true, attractive, or can bring huge traffic. In view of the current spam generally rough situation, as long as you have a little mind, there will be some harvest. Of course, I also agree to send spam, but now, the decision for spam, is still very vague, the relevant laws have not been introduced, but the most fundamental thing is to do evil.

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