Promotion and profit pattern on the popular website

written in the beginning of words: our webmaster often free in the vast network, many websites worth learning and reference in the eyes of blind or no notice, in fact we should devote themselves to mining research and low profile, the Internet in the cake with his share. Hao123 may be considered before the acquisition of Baidu is sick, in fact, Baidu in addition to ah, there are unique vision and expansion plans. Yesterday, a lot of users to comment on the communication of the article and I published today, I lead you to interpret alternative website profit model and methods.

a few days ago, my sister complained to me on QQ, the content is about Taobao’s own store business is not good but no one to buy genuine goods at a fair price, I think is a play on the Internet, so I hope I can help her. Then read her Taobao store and found three deficiencies: a neglected "no warmth; two, Taobao novice seller reputation is not high; three, the message received no feedback people balk.

combines the advantages and disadvantages of her shop brush reputation in Baidu Taobao search my website, but also the existence of this website, so forget her things behind, put solid reputation to open up this offbeat website carefully observed a lot, summarized below list of three advantages to expand all to help you thinking inspiration made substantial profits in the offbeat website:

, a popular + unique. GG MM, many people including Adsense in site operators under a sideline Taobao shop, the shop is now much more difficult than the original Taobao. For example: the volume of less, not the diamond products, partial unpopular business is not too good, if you need to improve this situation, we must increase sales or even create a diamond crown class seller.

two, the rise of alternative sites. Since it is doing offbeat sites around the Taobao, Taobao is certainly not out of this big cake, we can be in line with contacts (including friends, classmates, colleagues inside the university website issued leaflets etc.) invites everyone into the common good reputation Taobao website. OK, this method can get the first batch of fixed flow can play free card to help Taobao sellers together to make the market bigger and stronger.

Development and suggestion of

three and alternative website. According to my observation, the credibility of development website monthly income profit in more than one hundred thousand, this is very terrible and low-key, but this kind of site service should be early development must show several advantages: 1, speed server pages open quickly; 2, starting with QQ, Ali Wangwang and other instant messaging tools of propaganda; 3, we must do. Is responsible, patient service service; 4, the early free is the most able to play website reputation and brand, this also means that you can profit is in the late stage.

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