This sounds are founder of Fei Qi is not a vegetarian

the two day science and technology circle has been drops, Uber scraper, in Uber with various interpretation and drops an insider who was born after the winners all pride various savage growth, we rationally consider how they grow like problems.

if we further question, why is the drops, Uber, why is Cheng Wei, Travis Kalanic, a few years, they created Uber drops, tens of billions of dollars in the high valuation of the unicorn enterprises, become entrepreneurial companies in the "Curve Wrecker".


a summary, the founder of travel, not every day shouting economic sharing feelings, but focus on the company’s own business barbaric growth, Uber angel investor Jason Calananis said: "the lion"

when we were looking for a startup, we were looking for a lion. We want to be the founder of carnivores, they are willing to eat what they kill, willing to sharpen their teeth, the rest of the jungle will feel fear.

previously, Jason Calananis has a number of different interpretations of the lion and sheep, a bit more localized, contrast, as entrepreneurs, you are a lion or a sheep?

1, can you get closer to the money?

sheep will try the "possible" to bring in revenue, the lion will focus on those who can increase or use it to generate revenue or growth function.

, for example, if a business every day, consider some such as whether to support the Apple Watch, try the chat robot, shouting to prepare for the VR/AR revolution, relatively speaking, now if there are some money machine functions, such as direct income can bring water, commissions and other types of enterprises, will pay more attention to the lion.

especially in the current financing is not so easy, the cash flow is king.

2, looking for someone to invest?

lions will certainly find a better investor experience investor financing. Sheep in terms of financing, and do not care too much about the fund’s investment results, but to see if it is a little more valuation, or to get a little more money. You know, get a good capital investment is also a manifestation of social identity, he can bring entrepreneurial experience, strategic resources, such as non ordinary investors can. Financing, to care about money, but can not care about money.

, for example, angel stage, start-up companies to give priority to China’s angel investment Top 10. [this information can refer to]

3, early to do PR?

get the money, the sheep will be anxious to do all kinds of road show, media and other occasions to do PR. At the same time, the lion, would rather spend more money, will also consider user growth, product improvement and other indicators.


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