How to tap new users from the network marketing dead corner mining opportunities

don’t ignore the small opportunities for online marketing, they may bring you new customers.



Ann Handley

|Some time in the life of

, you will after the kick of a stumbling block, found another piece of hidden but beautiful spot area. In the business world, there is a similar situation. In today’s world, people can use a lot of tools, websites, applications and platforms to develop potential customers, and some inconspicuous opportunities will be easily ignored. Here are some opportunities to try.

Slideshare allows users to upload and share a variety of files, including PPT, e-books, PDF files, as well as online conference, etc.. Although the site is of high practical value, it is often underestimated. The site will have 60 million visitors per month, and there are also 130 million page views. This site is the world’s largest professional content sharing community, and is among the top 200.

In addition to

, SlideShare is a seamless integration of potential customers to develop high capacity platform. The site’s LeadShare service requires the viewer to fill in a contact information form when downloading PPT or PDF, and they also encourage visitors to take the initiative to contact the company to obtain more detailed information. Of course, this service is charged. To use this feature, you have to become a senior member, membership fees ranging from $19 to $249 per month.

product video

excellent product introduction video can bring immediate results for sales. According to the analysis, Kissmetrics statistics, in the furniture retail website visitors, watched the final purchase amount of product video visitors than not watched video products visitors 144%.

The key to

‘s product video is to keep the video short, with an ideal length of no more than 30 seconds. In addition, do not pay attention to the attention of the audience in the insertion of business contact information, and let them think that this is to help them further understand the means of commodity information. Online catalog integration service provider FlipSeek can help you do this effectively. For example, it can make the shoes worn by the model on the page into a clickable link, and guide the user to jump to the corresponding product page.

email signature

joined with a short link character signature may not be the best practice in your email, but considering the number of emails sent by you every day, it is worth a try. For example, add UR> to your recent blog post in your email signature file

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