Fab users exceeded 1 million a gay website Nirvana

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it did not meet the expectations – Goldberg (Jason Goldberg) and (Bradford Shellhammer) had to face this frustrating reality. To be fair, they launched in January 2010 Fabulis.com social networking site, not always struggling. This is a website for gay men to encourage them to communicate with each other and provide them with a platform for comments and suggestions on lifestyle. It started in the $1 million 750 thousand A round of financing, and the total number of users has reached 110 thousand, but it has not been further expanded.

"every week, about 30 thousand people visit our website, but no matter what we do, always can not exceed this number," Goldberg is very confused, "we can allow more users to access, but it is always difficult to maintain user stickiness."

so, at the beginning of 2011 Goldberg and Sher Hammer (two years of friends, the same apartment once lived in Manhattan) will be every Monday for dinner party time, they discuss how Fabulis live, even can survive. In these discussions, they decided to put aside the idea before, open your mind. "If we do not change, it will be difficult to fight side by side," Goldberg said. "Force yourself to do something less interesting."

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"at the first dinner, we focused on thinking about how to continue the business at hand. But when the second party, I said, "may wish to put aside whatever think, if all the items we can do, then what do we do? We are very smart, creative, and want to do a big business. So, where is our team’s greatest competitiveness? ”

conversation quickly transferred to the design field. In January 2011, after trying many kinds of products, the Fabulis team created a "Daily" project, fashion, clothing and any other Home Furnishing, inspire imagination, to supply the product packaging. Although Fabulis was facing all kinds of troubles, but these transactions in user groups triggered a small spark, and let Fabulis quickly break through the inherent circle of users, get more extensive consumers.

"I’ve noticed that a lot of people like what Brad Ford and his team pick out," says Mr Goldberg. "On our website, the number of buyers is very disproportionate to the number of users. Although we have only 9000 users registered ‘daily recommendation’ of this project, but on this platform, about 300 to 700 users a day trading. In a brainstorming, we invariably put forward, ‘how to sell some design products?

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