Alibaba grassroots employees continue to pay

people excellent news (reporter Dong Yi) January 20th, chairman of the board Ma Alibaba to all staff in the internal mail, quietly circulated on the internet. "Although the economy is facing unprecedented difficulties, the company still makes a 2009 pay rise and a lucrative year-end bonus plan in 2008," it said." Reporter to verify the matter to the relevant aspects of the Alibaba, the official confirmation. According to reports, the continuation of the continuation of the previous Alibaba incentive tradition, according to the 2-7- principle.

        "70% employee year-end awards will be quite good." An unnamed B2B staff on the phone can not conceal his joy.

Ma Yun, in addition to encouraging the enthusiasm of the staff, inadvertently revealed a prudent judgment. "Although the economic environment is not good, but as long as the company to achieve the strategic goal, we will continue to reward outstanding staff; however, even if the economic environment is good, and our poor performance, even if all companies pay bonuses, we will choose the opposite!" it is understood that in 2009, the Alibaba will also group the deployment of a huge training budget for the responsibilities and requirements of each post promotion.

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