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from July onwards, the Chinese new generic top-level domain name. This is the second in 2010. Since China "as a national top-level domain, is also the first Chinese top-level domain was officially incorporated into the global Internet root domain name system, Chinese top-level domain deployment is another significant progress achieved in the global strategy.

17, sponsored by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), Internet · Chinese · new era Chinese top-level domain off the global roadshow launching ceremony held in Beijing.

launch ceremony, CNNIC head Li Xiaodong said that the Chinese top-level domain off plan to promote the development of China’s domain name industry is of great significance. This program will popularize Chinese domain name of the application, in order to boost. Chinese "," company "," network. "As the representative of the Chinese top-level domain in the rapid development of China’s health promotion in the world, the influence of the Internet community Chinese. CNNIC will rely on years of rich domain name management and operation experience, give full play to the role of the national team, establish a benchmark, the formation of a demonstration, leading the industry to jointly promote the development of Chinese top-level domain name.

deputy director of the state Internet Information Office Wang Xiujun at the launching ceremony, the "company" and "network." as China’s first Chinese generic top-level domain name registration open congratulations, and from the current development of China’s cyberspace strategy on how to develop the Internet, how to use the Internet, how to manage the Internet to make four points: one is to correctly handle the relationship between promote Internet development and maintenance of network security; two is the unity of rights and obligations; three is to lead the network of cultural development to the socialist core values; the four is to adhere to the multilateral, democratic and transparent principles, to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the field of internet.

Vice Minister of industry and information technology Shang Bing said at the launching ceremony, basic resources and related systems in order to represent the domain of important nerve plays a central role in the Internet, in the process of operation Chinese new gTLDs should strictly implement the national and Industry Department requirements of the domain name system, network security, security user information protection and other aspects of management, basic resources to fully exploit the Chinese top-level domain value, enhance their sense of responsibility, actively participate in relevant areas of international standards and policy.

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