Micro-blog marketing brand micro-blog operations of the five status quo

Research on the status quo on the basis of

, the micro-blog brand operating conditions can be divided into five kinds of situation, are "blind" and "traditional" and "content", "interactive" and "content interaction integration strategy". The status quo, "blind" and "traditional" and "content" to occupy the majority, "interactive" and "strategy" is able to obtain most bloggers attention, love and attention for a long time.

1, blind brand micro-blog operating conditions are mostly open no matter and zombie powder phenomenon. Look at this type of brand micro-blog, can clearly see that the number of fans and a single forwarding number is disproportionate, hundreds of thousands of fans, only 3 or 4 times a single forwarding number, this situation may have two reasons: the number of fans are fake or too bad content. Some companies pay big bucks to "Web Consulting Ltd" "brush" "irrigation" operation, looks very nice, so that some do not understand the business decision-makers. To be sure, in fact, is not only a waste of money, more will produce great harm to the brand.

2, "traditional" micro-blog account is the traditional way of communication in public relations operation, simply press release is simplified into 140 words, using the official tone, this often results in forwarding and comments are in the single digits, with no interaction. It is a very common phenomenon, in our experience, most of the company because it is more conservative, the new social media communication does not understand, did not dare too much of micro-blog’s interactive marketing.

3, interactive micro-blog will communicate in the daily content at the same time, regularly launched interactive activities, or interactive discussions, etc., and fans form a very active and close relationship. For example, Anna Sui @ANNASUI; more clever brand micro-blog is very good at using the blog content creation (User Generated Content, UGC) to form a benign network reputation (IWOM), such as @BananaTaipei, and @ poor travel network. Able to do interactive micro-blog account that micro-blog has operators have certain operation experience of micro-blog operation.

4, the content of the micro-blog tend to occur in FMCG category, IT class, and lifestyle brands, the brand itself has a lot of stories can be told, and the general consumer relationship is relatively tight. The micro-blog account general planned daily content written and posted, richly illustrated, the use of network language, style, tone is light, such as Louis Weedon. From the content of the micro-blog began to present a more creative brand micro-blog operating conditions.

5, "content interaction strategy integration" refers to the micro-blog marketing in the brand attributes as a benchmark for the micro-blog marketing micro brand positioning, brand and market starting from the overall business plan for a long time, the overall marketing strategy, and from the long-term (at least half) make daily content the perspective of interaction, plan, and >

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