n the post and then pull Lazada through the supply chain finance in Southeast Asia

news December 8th, billion state power network that the day before, Chinese postal group announced that the Southeast Asia’s largest cross-border electronic business platform LAZADA will further expand the strategic cooperation, both sides will be based on the development of cross-border logistics delivery, warehousing, supply chain finance cooperation.


billion state power network to understand, in July this year, deputy general manager of China postal group Zhang Fulin and chief executive of LAZADA MAX in Singapore for the first time, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, jointly launched the "Chinese Southeast Asia" cross-border delivery service, to improve service quality, enhance the customer experience. Up to now, "China Southeast Asia" cross-border delivery service in Shenzhen has been running for 5 months.

on December 7th, Chinese post and LAZADA once again reached a cooperation, the two sides will further expand cooperation in cross-border logistics delivery services, will expand to the cooperation in the field of finance, warehousing, education and training, market development and other fields, the introduction of a new model of cross-border electricity supplier customer service, and a new model of this service will be the first in Shenzhen on the line.

supply chain financial services can meet the cross-border online payment of logistics delivery fees, merchant microfinance demand." Zhang Ronglin, deputy general manager of China Post group.

it is understood that the Chinese post as one of the world’s largest postal company, established a postal service relations with most countries and regions in the world, there are nearly 700 million buyers from around the world every year, through the purchase of Chinese postal delivery goods. Previously, China post is in the logistics business based, but it has also been leveraging other to expand cooperation in all areas of business.

data show, LAZADA group was founded in 2011, operates e-commerce shopping website of Southeast Asia’s largest buyers, mainly distributed in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Philippines, the main source of sellers in Southeast Asia local, Britain, Hongkong and the mainland Chinese. Currently, the official website of Lazada as well as mobile terminal visitors flow up to 4 million. In April this year, Alibaba’s strategic acquisition of the controlling stake in LAZADA group.

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