When the car hit the blog marketing

2006 at 11:20 on February 13th, Xu Jinglei’s blog in 112 days after the opening of the 10 million hits to break through, to become China’s first blog. Thus the influence of the blog began to be widespread concern of the whole society. In July 19th, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "eighteenth Chinese Internet development report" shows that there are about 28 million people often use blogs, accounting for 23.7% of the total Internet users. 2006, China’s blog users market size will reach 60 million people, the growth rate remained at more than 200%. A survey shows that 80% of white-collar workers have or will soon have their own blog. In the blog group in the age composition of young people aged 22~35 accounted for the proportion of nearly 2/3, this part of the group is the backbone of social consumption, an important group is the car marketing object can not be ignored. In China’s auto market to enter the white hot competition, the car companies in addition to reducing prices to attract consumers, but also began to pay more attention to service marketing, brand marketing, network marketing, precision marketing. As we all know, network marketing is becoming one of the indispensable links in the automotive marketing. The blog as a new network of communication media, combined with the advantages of network marketing and precision marketing, provides a new model for automotive marketing.

        when the Laoxu blog became popular, people began to pay attention to the commercial value of the blog, we are still stuck in the blog just know a "eyeball economy" concept, while ignoring the real value and advantages of its own blog. A lot of people to its commercial value is just stay in a new advertising carrier such a superficial understanding. In fact, in terms of business, through the blog platform can be free to make a study of the target customers; we can understand its behavior and preferences; can identify who browse product information; advertising information in which one they are most concerned about; they will browse information at what time they are to browse information and so on; by what means. Through the study of user behavior, advertisers can at the right time, the right place, to provide the appropriate advertising content to the appropriate audience, which is the so-called precision marketing. In addition, the advantages of the blog is also reflected in the interactive, fast, low cost, a wide range of influence, to collect market intelligence, etc..

    at present, the automotive industry through the blog marketing pattern mainly has such several kinds: the first mode is the automobile enterprises and bokee.com or even a special portal for the promotion of marketing activities. As of April 19, 2006, Changan Ford automobile in the China largest blog site held a new form of promotions – Fawkes partner blog contest. Activity continued for a month and a half, with special and the form of blog blog blog with images and pictures in the formation of a photographer, let people know the real love car car, car culture blog aura. Changan Ford has thus become the country with the concept of blog marketing

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