Lovelorn 32 days, Ali and why not go Shenzhou car

in just a month’s time, the Alibaba has abandoned the hand of Shenzhou car company.

According to the operation of the main car yesterday

Shenzhou Shenzhou Youju (hereinafter "Shenzhou car") submitted to the new board for listing announcement shows that the Alibaba in March 8th this year, China does appear in the list of shareholders on the car, but in March 31st, Ali will sell shares to Yunfeng investment and investment yunling.

for why things happen to yesterday afternoon, Shenzhou car chairman Lu Zhengyao did not answer the question of sina technology. He said that the change of equity investment is offered after Ali, Yunfeng investment and investment is also looking for Yunling Ali, the two investment company with his own and the car does not have any relationship.

was able to become a member of Ali’s Shenzhou car, but in just 32 days later, to passers-by, what happened, both sides remain silent, but through yesterday announced the prospectus and nearly a month in China frequent moves, we can restore some of the truth.

Alibaba to invest 32 days after conversion

according to the announcement, according to the China auto car, Lu Zhengyao and Chinese network of Alibaba limited and Alibaba (China) shares of the Limited by Share Ltd and China Car Network Technology Co. Ltd. in February 2016 signed the "agreement" and capital, Shenzhou car to ALIBABA.COM CHINA LIMITED (China network Alibaba Limited) issued 33597312 shares, subscription amount 215583614.26 dollars (about 1399999991.04 yuan), the Alibaba (China) network technology limited company issued 33597312 shares, the subscription amount of 1399999991.04 yuan.


that Ali stake in China auto car in the last day of February finalized, but in March it happened, a register of shareholders to be exposed to the Internet travel company, Alibaba Shenzhou car to inject 3 billion yuan, holding 9.8%.

it is worth noting that, in the money just built soon, March 14th, Shenzhou car to HK $9.16 per share (8% premium), bought 24% of the shares of China auto rental to China auto rental shareholders such as hertz. The deal spent a total of 1 billion 550 million yuan Shenzhou car, just melt into the money is spent half.

According to informed sources of sina

technology said that in second days the Alibaba and Shenzhou car contract, President Liu Qing went to travel by Ali’s headquarters in Hangzhou, out of "no competition clause" to persuade Ali divestment, this is also an important cause of Alibaba exit.

March 24th, Alibaba said to the media, Ali and drops Travel Cooperation close and happy, and will continue to support the development of drops travel. >.

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