Disney was the highest selling 80 thousand shdsnly.com domain name speculation

"domain name for sale: shdsnly.com, dsnly.com.cn, dsnwj.com……" Shanghai Disney project approved, let many people smell the business opportunities, the reporter found yesterday, has started selling website associated with the "Shanghai Disneyland Disney" domain name.

packaged for sale:

encourage users to seize the opportunity

Disney came to Shanghai…… Please seize these opportunities. Do not care about the little investment, the network is a good platform for profit." Open to sell the domain name ", is a jump in Lujiazui as the background, the Mickey Mouse picture of a parachute drop from the clouds.

The reporter saw

, the domain name used to sell a total of 6: shdsnly.com Shanghai Disneyland Disney shdsnly.com.cn; Shanghai Disneyland Disney; dsnwj.com Disney and Disney dsnwj.com.cn Disney stationery toys; toys stationery dsnwj.cn Disney Disney Disney toys stationery; dsnly.com.cn Disney park.

according to the seller description, these domain names are taken from the first Chinese characters. The seller also said: "the domain name you can do what you can." Seller said:

has been in Shanghai toy manufacturers contact

contact via the web page left, the reporter made contact with the seller. According to the different domain name, offer 30 thousand yuan, the highest shdsnly.com sold for 80 thousand yuan, but the specific price can be negotiated. There are a number of Shanghai toy manufacturers contact me to negotiate, want to buy fast." The seller is proud to say that when he heard of Shanghai to build the Disney Park, has been registered in the relevant domain name. After the official approval of the Disney project, he was considering the sale of domain names.

and other Disney paradise opened up, business opportunities ah." Sellers spared no effort to sell that now is the era of the Internet, coupled with the Disney effect, this domain name is more valuable for businesses than anything. Lawyers point of view:

open domain name can be held responsible for

in fact, well-known brands have been facing the embarrassment of domain name was registered, Disney also had many such experiences. Since 2000, Disney, the United States by the national court of arbitration and the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration domain name case, no defeat.

Although the

Shanghai Disney project has just been approved, but as early as 2004, Disney has registered the domain name ".Cn Chinese Mickey Mouse", and said that through arbitration and other means to recover the registered by others of the "Disney.Cn" domain name.

"phonetic alphabet can be interpreted as a variety of means, in this sense, Disney has even found the relevant domain name was registered, but the other is not sufficient legal basis for the prosecution. However, Disney can fully pursue this

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