The world’s most expensive domain name market value can tell us things

earlier this week, the British technology website The Register reported that, according to the state of California to submit documents, Escom company has agreed to its own domain name to transfer $13 million to clover Holdings Limited (Clover Holdings Ltd.). has been considered one of the most expensive domain name in history: it is reported that as early as 2006, when the former owner of the Escom purchase, the amount spent is somewhere between $12 million and $14 million.

Escom is currently in a state of bankruptcy, therefore, the final agreement of the deal depends on the approval of the bankruptcy court, but clover was chosen from more than a dozen want to buy the domain name of the bidder.

according to The Register reported that was originally registered by founder Gary Kremen in 1994. Not long after, it was stolen by Stephen Cohen, Kremen took five years to recover the domain name. Stephen Cohen later pleaded guilty, but there are reports that Cohen alone can earn $6 million a year on advertising revenue from the site. The court ruled that Cohen should pay a $65 million fine, but he eventually fled to Mexico.

Most of the big

domain name does not have to have such a thrilling story, but their market value can tell us some things, such as the development trend of the Internet, and to attract a large number of audience’s attention is how to have commercial value in the network.

most valuable domain name – 01


TOYS.COM: domain name market capitalization of $5 million 100 thousand

in early 2009, the world’s most important toys, baby supplies and children’s clothing retailer Toys’R’Us in the auction to spend $5 million 100 thousand to buy the domain name. At that time, industry observers said that the price is very cost-effective, if in a better economic environment, this

domain names may be priced between $7 million and $8 million. Even on an ordinary day, thousands of people use the word "toys" to find relevant information on search engines.

most valuable domain name – 02


BUSINESS.COM: domain name market capitalization of $7 million 500 thousand

Prior to’s first

auction in 2006, had the most expensive domain name purchase record in history. All of this domain name is Ear>

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