Behind the popular marriage market highlights the integrity of worries

once made the Jiayuan encounter members raise a Babel of criticism of the prosecution case before the court of first instance dismissed all claims of Liu Qing, Liu Qing believes that the site do not have to ensure that the information provided is true and effective, for compensation for her loss, but the court found that the company website to fulfill regulatory obligations, review.
Jiayuan founder and CEO Gong Haiyan said: "the current complex environment based on Internet, and the lack of credit system, information platform to ensure that every one is true. Although the company was kept in for the construction of a serious dating platform efforts, as we created five star identity authentication system and data network of the Ministry of public security, identity verification, construction of more than a hundred of the customer service team to review the membership information, set the police team members handling complaints, but the risk is inevitable. I hope everyone in the pursuit of happiness at the same time, we must keep their eyes open, and enhance the sense of rational communication."
insiders said that the current domestic large and small dating sites have more than 100, but did not take real name registration system, provides a breeding ground for all kinds of dishonest or even illegal behavior. Beijing Tsinghua source Law Firm lawyer Chen Yiqun said that false information is not a special case of marriage website, the existence of such phenomena throughout the internet. The vast majority of social networking sites are encouraging members to provide real personal information, but as a network service provider, not the country

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