Gaopeng mass layoffs over 400 people in 13 place overall station was removed

rapid expansion of the group purchase site Gaopeng now rapidly shrink the front, like the previous several group purchase should be entrepreneurs for the industry "winter will face" judgment. But Gaopeng contraction taken a very dramatic way, in the last week, a sales staff in the TaiYuan Railway Station Gaopeng talk with merchant cooperation when suddenly received a text message from the person in charge of the station, said station should be abolished, "the sales staff at the time simply don’t know how to respond, he faced the merchant speechless." Lawyer Zhao Zhanling told the Beijing morning news reporters, he now commissioned some of the staff of the Tianjin region by Gaopeng, is preparing to apply for labor arbitration materials.

was cut more than 400 employees

according to Zhao lawyers, the guest layoffs involved too much, "belongs to the large scale structural layoffs, layoffs range, number, intensity in the Internet industry is almost unprecedented," Zhao lawyer said, as of now, at least in Qinhuangdao, Yantai, Nanning 13 places such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, the whole station was removed, and Wuhan, Fuzhou 18 stations were part of layoffs, "the message said that the current cut number has exceeded 400 people."

"now is not the same in each region, the Tianjin region including Tianjin, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao and Taiyuan and other places, before the staff to be informed get compensation for half a month salary," Zhao lawyer told reporters, and Shanghai, 50 employees of the editorial department through the collective rights, has reached a settlement for 2 months of wages and friends.

but in yesterday and there have been some changes, according to Zhao lawyers, to TaiYuan Railway Station as an example, yesterday Gaopeng headquarters sent to a foreign supervisor and two head of human resources, to appease employees said will suspend layoffs, but will be expelled from the station responsible person, "but many employees do not believe, that is a after all, the news of layoffs has spread out, so we still do is cut ready."

Zhao lawyer said, now that his client has been doing hands ready, "they would talk to the manager about reconciliation, can hope to compensate some more, if not, then apply for labor arbitration," Zhao lawyer of arbitration is very confident, "after all, before the video website" six "layoffs the case has been a precedent for this large-scale layoffs, if the enterprise does not notify the staff in advance to listen, do not offer reasonable compensation scheme, is a violation of the" labor contract law "."

case is Gaopeng layoffs?

decided to Gaopeng layoffs, also is very reminiscent of earlier rumors of the industry "group purchase industry on the winter".

has a foreign descent from Groupon, group purchase originator Groupon, it just doing business in China, once completed quickly in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big city layout, then began its nationwide expansion, at the end of April this year at the beginning of May, a chief operating officer Ouyang Yun on the Internet in Suzhou, enthusiastically recommend friends Qingdao, Harbin and other regions station >

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