Traditional services retail electricity supplier O2O way

rapid development of the electricity supplier market impact on the physical terminal retail industry is becoming more and more serious, the book market is the hardest hit. In addition, due to the fact that many consumers began to shop in the store for the likes of the license, then go back to the Internet to find the same or similar products to buy, which gives the operator a great deal of trouble as usual. Many entities by refusing to deal with businesses to deal with this situation. This is the same root, is the retail industry, retail and retail network will take contradiction to this point? The rise of browsing mode Pinterest waterfall flow, perhaps can bring some inspiration for retailers.

retail mall flow O2O road

leveraging the power of

retail store operators rent, utilities and other various costs higher than the network retail operators, so the same product price in the store more than some of the higher price of network. In truth, the store’s products are more expensive than the shop is normal, but consumers do not talk with the business will be the truth, they only buy what they think is a good place for goods. Now is the era of network, but the information asymmetry situation is still everywhere, the business entity can go to promote their latest products by network technology, pinterest waterfall flow browsing may refer to.

There are a lot of information of

life, such as a mall promotions, some businesses have a new market and so on, in fact, classified information website can use the depth of the retail entity and entity services provide services. Pinterest waterfall flow browsing is very popular, because it is the way of browsing is very convenient, is identical with the shopping in the "fly" experience. Consumers browse at random, or have a purpose of browsing, suddenly found that their favorite products, resulting in the purchase intention will be carefully and carefully, and then to buy behavior.

life classification information website can browse the form of waterfall flow, providing services for the local entity retail business. Show the classified information website can gather different commodity sellers to release their product flow to falls on the site, if the consumer purchase intention can click on the website "love" or "share" button, can produce some discount vouchers, consumers can get some discount through this certificate in entity retailers at the time of purchase.

simply say that the model used in the classification of information on the site. is the service for the network seller, the classification of information on the site can be sold to the entity seller. Consumers must have the demand for physical shopping, go shopping in the process of trying to find their favorite products through the network, which can be regarded as a O2O shopping model. Physical shopping has the advantage of try to wait for a service, if the consumer is not satisfied can immediately choose to give up the purchase, and online shopping return process is more complicated, the store should take advantage of this kind of advantage, and to the network >

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