Ali cloud Hu Xiaoming 5 years will have access to the nternet 50 billion devices

Ali cloud President Hu Xiaoming

sina science and technology news on July 30th afternoon news, the first Ali cloud sharing day × cloud habitat conference held in Chengdu, which is the second day after the Beijing summit Ali cloud sharing day. Ali cloud President Hu Xiaoming said at the meeting, the world has entered the era of DT, the future of all cannot do without the calculation and data, Ali cloud will do, is to make the calculation easier to calculate, to become the world’s ability to make data become the driving force of the economy.

Hu Xiaoming said that currently has 225 national users Ali cloud, he said, in the DT era, the two countries the gap between the minimum, and predict the 2020 5 years, there will be nearly 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. We hope that through Ali cloud can make entrepreneurship easier, so that the company has a lower cost of IT equipment, higher efficiency." Hu Xiaoming said that entrepreneurial enterprises to buy hardware server is not with money." (Warriors)

following Hu Xiaoming speech record:

thank you for coming! I am the person in charge of Ali cloud, my name is Hu Xiaoming, today I am still an entrepreneur, because I lead the team of Ali cloud to continue to expand the road to success. Today I would like to share the subject is the president of cloud computing, as a colleague of Alibaba how I look at cloud computing, how do I see the contribution of the data economy to society. So my topic today is to make data the engine of the DT era.

we look at this picture is very interesting, is a country in the first industrial revolution, the industry makes him a world dominated by this stage, the steam engine was born, so that a country has become the world empire. This country is called england. So we put the British called Great Britain sun country in the era of industrialization, in the revolution of the human itself more physical through the steam engine, the engine was released, it makes more machines to let more social replace human work.

second revolution winner is the United states. Also in this revolution, the birth of a great company, was born with today’s cloud computing is very typical of the infrastructure, that is power. We imagine today in the hall to see the use of power projection and you don’t care about this where the electricity is coming from, you don’t care about it in the end is the power of hydropower and nuclear power and coal, you don’t care about this is where the electricity from sent. Because after 100 years of revolution and change, electricity has become a public facility.

you can imagine 100 years ago, when Edison invented the electric, 100 years ago, all the production of electricity is generated by the way of privatization, a factory of power generation equipment itself, until 100 years ago, Edison of Manhattan in the United States, he put a square kilometers of all enterprises, shops, residents become a network node, by itself for the exclusive central power generation enterprises, schools > square kilometers