What is the market for children’s education

children’s education is very important, children’s education may sometimes affect the child’s life. So, open a children’s education franchise, then what will the market? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

children’s education franchise market? Now 0-3 years old education originated in Europe and the United States, from 60s to date has developed very rapidly. Years of research at home and abroad on the development of infant research institutions show that 0~3 years old is the most important period of human development. A person’s ability to learn is 50% in the first 4 years of life, and the other is the development of the age of 8 before the age of 30%. Newborn babies are 1000 times more likely to develop their brains than the children of the age of 15.

thus, the infant education more and more, the September 2001 meeting of the general assembly of the United Nations Children’s special meeting to discuss the problem of the early education on children, that every child should have a good start in life as far as possible, children’s education stores what is the market? UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said: "the children 0~3 years of age is a critical period of growth, any responsible government should take early childhood education in the most preferred position, and give attention to the laws, policies, projects and the allocation of resources." Rolle, Bellamy, also shows that early childhood education is very necessary. As China is becoming more and more international, the Chinese government and the public pay more and more attention to early education.

children’s education franchise market? Children’s education on the venture’s entrepreneurial advantage, I believe we will now join in to get more profits. Children’s education is not the same as the prospect of joining stores. For those who want to invest in children’s education stores friends, in the process of operation, seize the advantages of the project, with the development of the market and meet the needs of consumers, to seek more development in the severe market


The above is about the introduction of

children’s education market franchise, we hope to a lot of attention, only to open their own children’s educational franchise, and detailed understanding, so as to better set up shop.

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