Two college entrepreneurs about entrepreneurial experience

now college students employment pressure is not small, a lot of college graduates began to choose their own business. Is entrepreneurship, is ready to start because of difficulties in front of you back and choose to give up. Below by two college students’ self employment entrepreneurial experience, to answer more entrepreneurial doubts.

Xia Si into 28 years old

no matter how hard it can not shake the entrepreneurial dream

entrepreneurs like venture capital, is the all-round test entrepreneur’s wisdom, ability, courage, courage, but when we read every story will be found on the first page of the story, the protagonist who is neither mysterious nor magical.

, according to Xia Sijin, he is a medical school, after graduating in 2002, a chance to enter a department of orthopedics hospital in Jiangxi. But just after entering the society, the confusion and hardships of life followed, coupled with the exclusion of his colleagues gave birth to a lot of frustration. At this point, he has a dream of entrepreneurship. In 2005, he and a friend opened a trading company, then start-up capital was only 20 thousand yuan, every day from dawn to night work very hard ".

2008 years, with some money on hand, Xia Jin into the choice of entrepreneurship, committed to doing substantive projects, but can not find the right resources. Later, he was surprised to find, commonly known as the third generation of the fruit of the king in the country is still in the initial stage, the national cultivation area of less than 20 thousand acres, has a good development prospects. Find business opportunities, only 23 years old, he immediately started to prepare, from the site to find and then to the final contract, he is constantly on the run, and went to Guizhou, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places to understand the situation. After 5 years of development, has built 1 self built base and 2 cooperation base, and in high security, Xingan, Wuning and Leping have Goumiao trial points 8, has formed a blueberry juice, blueberry wine, dried blueberries and other products, to fill the gaps in Jiangxi high-grade fruit.

"in the next 3 years, I have cultivated area expanded to 10 thousand acres, to 500 million yuan turnover, although now there are funds, personnel, management and other difficulties, but I believe in myself and my team to do the best." Xia Cheng said with a smile.

Li Yue 23 years old

inspirational illuminate life, entrepreneurship change destiny

Li Le is a newly graduated college, students have to find work in the helpless, his firm belief, start empty-handed, create their own business platform. February 8th, the reporter saw Li Yue, he was sitting in front of the computer to search for information on management. From his serious attitude, can feel a firm and indomitable pioneering spirit.

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