Not the same as the star of Entrepreneurship Shenzhen transnational entrepreneurship portfolio

nearly ten years, China’s Internet industry has emerged a number of entrepreneurial stars. Mining a new era of "double star", let’s listen to their stories, get a new understanding of entrepreneurship from.

this sounds very cool thing, become a reality in Shenzhen long science and technology under the code. As a representative of Shenzhen enterprises "found double star", long code entrepreneurial process technology called the legend, 2014 off Shenzhen innovation contest champion, also won the angel round of financing of 12 million yuan this year, and was selected as Microsoft venture accelerator. Yesterday, long code technology founder Huang Dinglong told Shenzhen daily interview, about this for more than a year of entrepreneurship to reporters.

"development of artificial intelligence, so that in the past can not achieve the scene, the technology now has the potential to achieve." Huang Dinglong said that when he and the code is aware of this, entrepreneurial understanding has formed.

now the long code technology is an artificial intelligence company. According to saying, Huang Dinglong his dream, is to use artificial intelligence to do fashion, dress collocation to solve all problems, so that ordinary people can also become a fashion big coffee.

was only more than a year, long code technology not only took Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship contest, this year to get $12 million angel financing, and was selected as Microsoft venture accelerator.

Behind the seemingly entrepreneurial process of

"early our entrepreneurial team of only three people, one for technology, a product, a designer." Huangdingjian

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