Electricity supplier is the incubator of entrepreneurship driven Rural Entrepreneurship

now, all over the province in order to implement the policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, continue to build incubators. The twenty-first Century business incubator is undoubtedly electricity supplier, a lot of young people in rural areas or by increasing the purse bag, creating their own business.

2 16, in the Taobao street in the village, the younger sister of Taobao fire shop shelves, camellia oil, brown sugar, ginger, wine, fruit and vegetable farm products such as a superb collection of beautiful things. Master Cai Zi just registered trademark Huomei down this crisp pineapple, banana, watermelon, carrots, green beans, red dates, okra and other raw materials, Sauteed Green Beans, first developed in November last year, a day selling more than and 500 bottles of micro.

10 28, she made of brown sugar ginger named Mountain girl, in the online sale, she said, ginger is a local specialty of turmeric, sugar is Zhuotian and specialty sugar, ginger Piyou nutrition, can not be discarded, only manual cleaning. Because it is their own doing, raw materials, processing, are assured.

throughout the provinces want to better promote entrepreneurship employment, will not forget the business incubator. Of course, the Internet is a good choice for entrepreneurship, but also the need for entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship quality should be improved, in order to.


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