Henan released the province issued a public entrepreneurship Analysis Report

public entrepreneurship has been deeply rooted in social issues, people everywhere are talking about entrepreneurship. So in recent years, the development of entrepreneurship we have achieved what? Let us look at the numbers from the beginning of the Henan entrepreneurship is how to develop it.

"change a year" 210 thousand people entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial enterprises are the main force of the new enterprise

It is reported that

"commercial system reform has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of mass." Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, responsible person, the business changed a year, a total of 138 thousand and 700 enterprises in our province, the number of entrepreneurs in, respectively, in the end of 11th Five-Year (in 2010) of the times and 2.88 times. Venture capital is the main force of the new enterprise, the proportion reached 78.6%, compared to the end of 11th Five-Year increased by 15.2 percentage points. In the six provinces of central China, the number of enterprises in Henan and the number of entrepreneurs in the first year of business change are the highest, and significantly higher than the other five provinces."

three times from the industrial structure, "taking a year" entrepreneurial enterprises are mainly concentrated in the third industry (service industry), a total of 109 thousand and 400 households, accounting for 78.8% of the total enterprises; the second industry 18 thousand and 900 households, accounting for 13.6%; the first industry 10 thousand and 400, accounting for 7.5%. From the industry structure, entrepreneurial enterprises mainly in the wholesale and retail business, service recommendation

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