Fujian Strait joint commodity trading center officially launched

lives in a box of Internet plus time, affect our lives everywhere cannot do without the internet. Fujian Province in order to comply with the requirements of the development of the times, and actively create electronic trading platform, which has practical significance? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

29, Fujian’s first comprehensive commodity electronic spot trading platform for investment and financing – strait joint commodity trading center officially launched on-line.

Fuzhou City Finance Office Deputy Director Qin Fan said that the electronic spot trading platform can effectively guide social capital to participate in investment and development, can be used as an auxiliary tool for traditional industries, the integration of industry resources, expand product sales channels, reduce enterprise financing difficulty, promote the circulation of products.

it is understood that in order to solve the problem of upgrading needed trade diversification, financial security, logistics warehousing and other aspects demand the transformation of traditional industries, innovative new channel joint commodity trading center will be established in the network trade, supply chain finance, warehousing and logistics in one of the multi-level investment and development mode of trade financing.

The joint

commodity trading center responsible person said, as the only company in Fujian Province, comprehensive trading center, the platform will also focus on promoting the Internet, create Fujian Fujian goods goods brand, build Fujian goods discourse right and pricing right. Next, the platform will be the first for the textile and chemical fiber industry, combined with Fujian main production enterprises, industry associations, quality inspection institutions, consulting information institutions and research institutions, and gradually promote PTA, ethylene glycol, cotton, polyester, nylon and other varieties of online transactions.

the Fujian Strait joint commodity trading center officially launched, is of great significance. Not only can further open the product sales channels, and better integration of resources to achieve the maximum allocation of resources. The implementation of this policy will further promote the economic development of Fujian in the future.

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