Hefei giant long financial suspend the operation of many investors rights

in the new situation of the development of the Internet economy, the birth of a number of financial platform, but some financial platform seemingly strong, in fact is a dreadful mess. According to the latest news to know: Hefei giant long financial suspension of operations, many investors rights, the company said it would not run on foot, while the legal representative has been taken away by the police investigation. The following specific events we do specific understanding.

7 12, headquartered in Hefei, P2P platform giant long financial announcement that, due to the recent difficulties in the realization of the risk control difficulties, resulting in failure to follow the announcement of repayment, the platform has been made liquidation. After hearing the news, more than 40 investors from all over the country rushed to Hefei rights and call the news hotline for help. Platform belongs to the Anhui giant long Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. left behind staff said yesterday that the platform suspended operations, the legal representative of the company has been taken away by the police investigation. For investors can only be registered, waiting for further processing.

many investors rights

Lu’an Lee is a giant long financial investors. In June 1st this year, he learned through an exchange of QQ exchange group after the P2P platform, invested 62000 yuan on the Internet in June 15th, the subject of a period of up to 1 months.

to July 15th, the platform did not repay, Lee began to worry. Through the exchange group, Lee learned that many investors have overdue repayment of the situation.

7 on the morning of 21 July, Mr. Lee and a dozen investors to Anhui long Financial Information Services Limited headquarters activist, did not have too much harvest, the staff said, only to register our investors."

Mr. Li said, with rights of a pregnant sister invested 570 thousand, after that he cheated, appeared unwell situation.

is different from the online investors such as Lee, retired people in Hefei Liu, Mr. Ge and Mr. Xu belong to the line investors. They participated in the April 23rd held a love alliance and Anhui long Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. held the first 2016 dandelion charity conference. Under the temptation of high interest, Mr. Liu and Ge invested 10 thousand yuan each, Mr. Xu invested nearly $20 thousand. May and June, three people were on schedule to get the interest of $100. But the contract ended in July 22nd, the three did not receive interest and principal in July.

company said it would not sound foot

Two notices

investor panic source posted on the official website in the "jujiu finance".

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