Single business opportunities unlimited market

single in the present is not only a sign of the people of a state, but also can become a synonym for business opportunities, so that entrepreneurs to create more good business opportunities. So, single business opportunities are really unlimited market potential, it is worth the choice of investors.

with the single number of Beijing, Shanghai have exceeded one million mark, single economic potential this piece of blue ocean have a brilliant future. For young people who have entrepreneurial ideas, perhaps the single economy will become their best entrepreneurial opportunity.

single commodity network

popular economic phenomenon

day, reporters in a shopping online, enter "Singles Day gift", search out the more than and 500 kinds of commodities. Among them, with a single declaration or icon of the single T-shirt is very popular. In a creative shop, marking the global limited edition of the single T-shirt, and even played a ban on pairs, single long live, the words, each priced at 29 yuan.

also singles singles badges, cigarette case, built-in "I wish you get rid of single trouble" voiced sound card version singles "TeGongPin" are popular. There is a web hits high "boyfriend pillow", other extension part based on traditional pillow, a male arm, let single women feel virtual boyfriend’s arm. According to statistics, the price in a few dollars to tens of dollars for pillow, in recent months, there are thousands of times the volume.

at the same time, many online shops targeting this single market, launch promotional activities in singles, such as Taobao Jack& mall, Jones, Kappa; and 27 well-known brands to launch a full half off discount stores. According to the statistics show that online shopping mall singles day time than usual turnover growth of more than 60%.

singles profitable

according to the search for the investigation report Chinese wisdom agency single people to show that, in Beijing, Shanghai and other 16 representative city of the more than 1 thousand survey samples, without considering the purchase of luxury goods accounted for 28.6%; 16% people go to a bar, at least a week KTV and nightlife; maximum cost 31.6% the monthly for self entertainment consumption or consumption of social gatherings, for the future of the deposit insurance is only 5.4%.

The results of the

survey show that today’s singles are mainly concentrated in the cultural, economic strength of young people. Compared with the traditional concept of the appearance, economic difficulties, physical or psychological double defects of the "passive single", the ideological concept of subversive change is their most significant feature. They are representatives of their own enjoyment, in order to enjoy life and the initiative to choose single.

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