Want to join the home business good store design

engaged in furniture franchise business, your shop can not be the first to catch the eyes of customers is very important. Everyone wants to own Home Furnishing stores perfect design and exhibition, Home Furnishing join is a good project hundred-percent, if investors can create a good Home Furnishing shop that is a tiger with wings added, following small details to explain in detail for you to create the perfect Home Furnishing franchise stores.



1. must be based on the target customers of their own products

The size of

2. Home Furnishing shop there is a direct relationship between

and selected locations

3. wants to make an in-depth understanding of its management strategy, and strive to find out its shortcomings, and its shortcomings, such as the ideal solution can not find.

two, the unique name of

have a unique style.

1. do the name of the home store is the embodiment of corporate culture

2. do a good job to the home store named this link is the enterprise to participate in the market pass


3. name to elegant and not vulgar fashion, without agitation, so one can know what you are feeling.

three, Home Furnishing stores decoration

1. always adhering to the principle of frugality, make the best use of the

2. home decoration must be combined with ornamental and practical

3. decoration can not be blind impulse, must be combined with realism

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