A monthly income of 10000 yuan, the little girl read my silence

Go to the shopping district near the convenience store

weekend, from outside the shop came in a little girl, very quiet look, 20 years old, wearing a suit and tie, wearing a smile card, see I was wearing leather shoes, he immediately squatted down, I would not consider, roll up my pants feet, help me wipe the shoes, wiping the side said: "brother, I do shoe sales, I’ll help you to wipe, your feeling, you feel good, plus a total of 20 yuan of Polish brightener,   you don’t feel well, I give you my bow. Thank you".

How many

Engineering properties of

Liu Xia this is no salary, salary is entirely on the sale of Polish royalty, many of our sales staff took the company salary and then make, transportation subsidies, but also every day in the blame company, you have half of Liu Xia’s courage? In addition to Liu Xia’s business model is carrying a bag, to give others the shoe sales high streets and back lanes, I believe   they don’t go by car, every time the squats are very hard. But she can do it, can we do it?

Do not understand the

Liu Xia will meet a lot of people in the process of polishing shoes, abuse and even ridicule molested, "

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