What brand of instant noodles

as long as there is nothing in this world is impossible, to join the venture is the same. What is the best option for the project? Good competition is no better than the characteristics of fear. What do you think of instant noodles? What? Instant noodles can join? Yes, as a distributor of supply sources, you can also join the brand. Four famous instant noodles brand for your choice.


unified enterprise was founded in July 1, 1967 in Taiwan, Tainan, China, involved in food, finance, foreign trade, business, entertainment, advertising, electronics and other industries, in order to form the two major industries across the manufacturing and service industries. Enterprises from the traditional food, and gradually move towards high-tech food.

instant noodles to join the brand


Master Kong Holdings Limited (the "company") and Affiliated Companies (the "group") is mainly engaged in the production and sales of instant noodles, drinks and convenience food in China. The group started production of instant noodles in 1992, and expand the business to facilitate food and beverage since 1996; in March 2012, the group to further expand the scope of business and China drinks, beverage business PepsiCo strategic alliance, began exclusively responsible for manufacturing, filling, packaging, sales and distribution of PepsiCo in the Chinese non alcoholic beverages. At present, the group’s three major products have been in the Chinese food market has a significant market position. According to the survey of AC Nielsen December 2014 Retail Market Research Report shows that in sales as a benchmark, in January 2014 -12 months in the group, namely water and instant noodles, egg roll packaging tea market share were 46.8%, 53.9%, 20.8% and 18.3%, ranking the market leadership position; overall juice market share of 23.9%, ranking the market second. According to Canadean December 2014 data show that PepsiCo carbonated drinks sales in 2014 accounted for 30.3% of the market in the market place of the second.

instant noodles to join the brand


white food group is an instant noodles production and sales for the main business, large-scale comprehensive national food enterprises across multiple areas of flour, Hanging noodles, vermicelli, noodles, drinks and planting etc..

The scale of the

Industry Group officially founded in 1997, has been in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Hunan, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jilin and other provinces and cities in the layout of the 10 instant noodles production base, 2 flour production base, 1 workshops and 2 seasonings, Hanging noodles. The group has been named "agricultural industry"

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