What are the qualities that a female entrepreneur should have in order to be successful

although people start their own business will be different, however, as long as it is embarked on a path of entrepreneurship, in order to achieve success, in fact, need to have a certain quality. In short, successful entrepreneurs how many have some similarities, but to most people think about entrepreneurship, and women rarely seem to catch.

in fact, there are some outstanding female entrepreneurs in the business circle and entrepreneurial ecosystem, domestic and foreign media have also been reported. But if you look closely at the female entrepreneurs, you will find that they build a corporate strategy, and entrepreneurial thinking and male entrepreneurs have many differences. So, what is it that makes those women succeed? In other words, what qualities should a female entrepreneur want to succeed?

a sense of humor

well, that’s obvious. Everyone needs a sense of humor, doesn’t it? But for women, especially those who want to make a difference in their careers, they may be different. Women love to ask questions, but men don’t usually do this, in addition to the men’s eyes, women are often more sensitive about love. Therefore, women entrepreneurs need to find a clever way to make men change their misconceptions. Sometimes, the man’s "good intentions" may also become an insult to women, and even make a lot of young entrepreneurs feel angry.

for example, if a female entrepreneur in the roadshow, the opposite investors asked, "you start, who will take care of your child?" I really feel bad about it.

asked the above problems for investors, may have no malice, just saying. But for women entrepreneurs, this means that once they choose to start their own business, the choice to build a job offer for hundreds of companies, it can not become a competent mother. You rarely hear the question of whether a man is a good father Here, I want to quote Jessica Herrin answer, she comes from Stella & Dot company, when investors asked this question, her cheek said: "the children? Oh, they’re playing in the street with a knife."

for those who are not new female entrepreneurs, but also a sense of humor is also essential, and better than male colleagues a stronger sense of humor. For example: I have participated in a forum period in the host introduced the men got a degree, with a lot of wonderful words of praise, and in introducing a woman get a degree, he said, this woman has overcome enormous difficulties, came to the Stanford University…… It’s ironic, isn’t it?


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