Fengxin, Jiangxi, the first phase of the electricity supplier entrepreneurship awareness training

electricity supplier business is now very common, however, many entrepreneurs still do not have this awareness, especially in some small cities. To this end, a number of places across the country to carry out relevant training activities to encourage more people to embark on the road to success. Jiangxi and Fengxin on the day before held the first entrepreneurship awareness training class.

to further enhance the awareness of the majority of e-commerce entrepreneurs, a comprehensive understanding of the status quo of e-commerce applications, trends and specific methods of operation. The day before, in Fengxin County, Jiang Jia Leng community, ushered in the first entrepreneurship awareness training, 46 electric fans from the community, in 3 days of entrepreneurship awareness training class. The training to adapt to a wide range of people, self-employed households, workers, unemployed youth, women can participate in.

training, from Fengxin Wenfeng county school teacher Mao take a combination of theory and practice teaching methods for the students, introduces the development trend of e-commerce, explain in detail the basic knowledge of electricity providers, micro business sales, and teaches students use mobile phone to download the micro shop, set up their own micro shop. After the establishment of the store, less than 10 minutes, the micro shop’s distribution products reached a total of more than and 100, the students confident, quickly in the teacher’s teaching to share their own micro shop. Near the end of the class, the students Li Ling micro shop on a single, to the afternoon, there are four students in the micro shop have a single, and make a real difference.

"teacher, I want to learn Taobao, when will you teach us?" A class, the teacher was surrounded by the students want to continue to study the electricity supplier. "To further study participants to Fengxin County Business Incubator of the electricity supplier, it is by the government as a platform for entrepreneurs to build electricity supplier, electricity supplier can learn knowledge free, entrepreneurship success can be freely settled electricity supplier base, only the bag settled". The teacher replies patiently to the questions of the students.

is not that people do not want to start the electricity supplier, it is because a lot of people do not understand the relevant knowledge, can not make their own business to do a good job. The e-commerce into the community activities, is an innovation, improve the ability of the residents of the electricity supplier, to create a electricity supplier highlights, ignited the enthusiasm of the electricity supplier business.

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