What are the little tricks shop location

although a lot of people know the importance of the shop location, but also want to give the shop a better location. However, if in accordance with the traditional site selection method, we need to consider many factors, not every entrepreneur can be considered complete. In fact, as long as we can grasp the relevant tips, shop success can be very easy. So, the small shop site know-how?

1, shop location little tricks? Time in the site if you are not sure the intention of store customer groups, we can do a simple survey of the market, just send customers a little gift, or a neighbor, the old mother chat, will have unexpected harvest.

2, shop location little tricks? In the process of looking for the store, may wish to take a look at your company, business is good all the shop in what position, walk slowly, see more, my heart will have a general orientation to their store location.

and nearby neighbors chat, the most able to know the local situation, and follow the peer site, often do not have to worry about a variety of site analysis. In short, if you do not know how to shop location, such as two small tricks may wish to grasp.

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