Ruichang college students will enjoy two carriages escorting business

college students entrepreneurs is an important part of the new generation of innovation and entrepreneurship, do a good job in the work of college students to support the work, it can greatly promote economic development, social security and employment market stability.

bridge set up employment skills training

the current job market, technical school students pick enterprises, college students are the phenomenon that enterprises choose now enterprises are more practical, if high quality students can master the technical school students, so the employment competitiveness of college students and of course it is self-evident.

the center one is around the industrial park enterprises logistics, transportation, chemical industry, construction, management, human resources, trade and other "assault" skills training; two is arranged and services, machinery, electronics and other industries of the college students’ skills training courses included in the monthly; three is "It differs from man to man." carry out "combination of skills training, so that the needs of students to learn more than two kinds of skills for free.

activation incubation Road



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