Xining health system successfully completed the post disaster reconstruction in Yushu to protect the

according to the provincial government, the provincial health department instructions, Xining Municipal Health Bureau set up to work in Yushu team disaster epidemic prevention and prevention and control of plague, from May 1, 2012 to October 20th in Yushu drop Xiu Xiang to carry out reconstruction of sanitary and antiepidemic work.

Xining Municipal Health Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the health and epidemic prevention of plague prevention and control work in Yushu post disaster reconstruction, pumping send city and district (county) Center for Disease Control and prevention of infectious disease prevention, immunization, prevention and control of endemic diseases such as plague ability strong staff team, sent a total of 9 36 people, health and epidemic prevention team in Yushu drop Xiu Xiang to carry out reconstruction and health and epidemic prevention of plague prevention and control work. In the contract the stagnation area 20 kilometers range, were carried out in order to plague, intestinal infectious diseases and respiratory infectious disease, zoonotic disease, infectious disease, tuberculosis and AIDS prevention and control as the focus of the monitoring and early warning and forecast; during the period of health and epidemic prevention team Office of security in the region, not aggregate infectious disease epidemic, plague suspect cases and numbers of infected animal. The 468 tents drop Xiu Xiang, 121 dining rooms, 87 restaurants, schools, construction sites and other public places and 28 toilets, 17 garbage and the surrounding environment of the disinfection, disinfection area of 37000 square meters, a total of killing mosquitoes and flies breeding ground area of about 6700 square meters. An infectious disease prevention knowledge and health consulting more than 3850 people, and for the students and construction workers of the health education, issued "prevention", "plague prevention and treatment of infectious diseases", "migrant workers" health education manual, more than 8300 copies of promotional materials, the construction personnel for local students and the construction units basically grasp the common infectious disease prevention and treatment knowledge. To guide the township health centers to carry out surveillance of infectious diseases, such as plague, tuberculosis 5 times, effectively preventing the occurrence and prevalence of infectious diseases within the jurisdiction of the region. At the same time to drop Xiu Xiang carry out measles supplementary immunization activities, a total of 36 local measles vaccination for children, effectively reducing the risk of local measles and other infectious diseases. In the fall of infectious disease prevention and control knowledge training for 500 teachers and students of Xia Laxiu Township Primary School, 2 training courses, and guide the schools to carry out prevention and control of infectious diseases and the daily disinfection work, the implementation of the infectious disease prevention and control measures by the local school teachers.

in Yushu during the post disaster epidemic prevention work, epidemic prevention team to overcome the language barrier, the high altitude, difficult living conditions and other difficulties, actively play hard, dedication spirit, the successful completion of the reconstruction of Yushu health and epidemic prevention and plague prevention and control work, make a contribution to the disaster areas the people’s health and good security the health of the living environment. (author: Yuan Xinhong)

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